Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Walk About Downtown

Pretty sure I have strep.
I won't know until 10:30 today at my doctor's appointment.
But if white spots on my tonsils are any indication...
And this sweating has got to get a handle on itself.
Poor V Dizz was holed up with my stink pot of a self all day yesterday.
Finally around 5pm, I felt bad for the guy and suggested we get outside and take a walk.
A very slow walk.

I decided to take my Big Girl camera out and snap a few shots of Downtown.
I will admit...I kept it on the Automatic setting.
I'm just not ready for the whole aperture, f stop thing!
Maybe it's time I find a class to actually teach me?

Anyway, it was a nice little walk.
Felt good to get some fresh air.
Then it was straight back to bed for me.
Let's hope I can kick this thing asap.
I never thought I'd say this,
but I kind of miss my mid-week runs.
There's only so much Netflix you can watch in bed before you feel a bit restless.

Happy Tuesday, Friends {it is Tuesday, right?}.
Thank you all for your well wishes yesterday, it made me happy :)


  1. Gorgeous photos...feel better honey! I hope you have a fabulous day...if you get a chance enter my giveaway. I'm partnering up with Margarita Bloom! Kori xoxo


  2. GREEN TEA! Drink it. It has magical healing powers.

  3. Things! 1) I'm glad you're not dead, but I have all of our e-mails saved in case. 2) FEEL BETTER SOON! 3) I've been to that Starbucks! A bunch of times actually haha :)

  4. Feel better! Now! Being sick is fun for about a day, when you can call off work and watch movies and eat in bed, but it gets old fast.

    Your pictures make me miss San Diego. I love it there! I'm just learning how to shoot in manual with my camera. I keep forgetting what everything means! I need a class, too.

  5. Strep? dang. Sorry! Glad u got out tho. Fresh air is always good. Great pix in auto mode, girl! I especially like the light pole one where the lights are isolated, and also the corner of the building. Cool post process and angle. The color of that little car is also gorgeous! Take more pix!

  6. Well...what is the verdict? Strep?

  7. Thanks for the follow :) I've had strep too many times to count and always get the white spots with it though not every time I see white spots is it strep. Hopefully it's not for you either! I'm the same way as you with my big girl camera. I do use AV mode and P mode but that's about it. I need to take a class too. Your pictures are still beautiful!

  8. Ugh that sounds horrid! I know how you feel about getting restless with too much time in bed and too many hours of netflix. I had a really bad case of blood poisoning back in December and it was AWFUL to not get in my usual exercise!

    I'm a new reader and am really enjoying your blog! I found it through Alivia at Brunch In April.

  9. Your pictures are still gorgeous and I just took a (very) beginners photo class and it was all about aperture and f-stop and learning to use the automatic setting and it was SUCH a huge help. I definitely suggest a class like that.

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  11. Strep blows. Eloquent - I know. Hope you feel better!



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