Tuesday, April 10, 2012

There's something you should know...

Once upon a time, a little half Korean baby was born.
Though she had the chubbiest cheeks known to man,
she always kept it stylin' with her ruffled dresses, blue and white striped jumpers,
and her runway-esque poses.

Then the little baby grew up...
Her 10th birthday was quickly approaching 
and her mother asked what she wanted for her special day.
There were only two things in the world that this little girl wanted:

1. To go ice-skating (in July)
2. To be the flyest chick in town...

And how would she accomplish that kind of status?
Why...by getting a full head of beaded braids, of course.
And what little Mishi wanted, little Mishi got.
So her mother took her straight away to the nearest salon,
and 4 hours later...

She got her birthday wishes.
And by golly, she was the flyest chick in town.
She was SO fly, that she decided to keep those braids All.Summer.Long
just so she could show off on her first day of 5th grade.
Because a half Korean 5th grader with a head full of beaded braids 
is the best kind. Obviously.

The End.



  1. Wonderful story and I sure loved those braids :)

  2. I myself had braids for a whole summer when I was 12. LOL! They are definitely the coolest. :)

  3. hehehehehe. sooo cute! braids were SO in!

  4. Well done, little half Korean girl ;)
    My hair is so thin, I would have two beaded braids. True story.

  5. Hahahaha, this is awesome. My birthday is in July tooooo! What day?

  6. Haha awesome braids! I went through an all braided head of hair stage too.

    I have to admit though...I probably didn't look as fly as you.

  7. i think the bangs really put it over the top.

  8. Best story I've ever heard ever. Girl, you rocked those braids. Lookin' like a boss.

  9. Haha, love the baby pics, and the braids. Haters gon hate. :) Cute blog, keep it up!


  10. Girl. Love the braids. It's totally the age. I insisted on getting that same hair every time we traveled to a beachy location and was forced to apply sunscreen to my scalp in between each one. OUCH.

  11. Those braids are rocking! The ten year old me is totally jealous.



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