Monday, April 30, 2012


The best way to pass time in a 45 minute line,
waiting to order at Phil's BBQ,
is to have an impromptu photo shoot.
It really makes that time fly by.
Don't mind the awkward stares you get from fellow patrons.
They'll get over it.

Glasses: Bonlook

Oh, and the food?
Not too shabby, Phil. Not too shabby.
It's a great meal to pig out on the night before a 20-mile run, that's for sure.

P.S. Happy Birthday, Brother.
You're gettin' up there, ya old fart. ;)




  1. That must be some good bbq if there was a line! You guys look great, glad to see you are still alive after your 20 miler-yikes!

  2. I love that bright pink tank. Super cute! Also - I am now craving BBQ. Thanks ;)

  3. i loooovveeee me some Phil's. not that you'd ever get up to the area... but there is NEVER a line at the one in San Marcos. probably because its in San Marcos. heh.

  4. You guyssssssss. You're TOO cayoot. Now give me all of this BBQ immediately.

  5. You guys are honestly adorable! Love your striped shirt too :-)

  6. I love this, it's always fun to be silly when waiting and pass time by. I bet you didn't even realize how long you waited :)

  7. what i wouldn't do for some good barbecue right now. mmmmm.

  8. So glad Matthew is letting his hair grow for the wedding :)



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