Thursday, April 5, 2012

She's Baaaacckkk

Crazy Connie came back again yesterday.
Go here if you'd like to learn more about this raging biznatch.

It was just one of those days.
The kind where I either wanted to scream like a mad woman in the middle of a nervous breakdown
or curl up on the floor, weep, and slowly rock myself to sleep.

Maybe it began in the morning when I spilled a big glob of yogurt down the inside of my shirt, 
right between the boobs,
to which I had to awkwardly reach my hand down my shirt 
and basically feel myself up while trying to clean it off.
All while my manager was a mere 5 feet away, mind you.
I have no shame.

Maybe it was because every phone call that was made by said manager,
in our shared 10x12 office was done so on speaker phone.
Who does that?
Am I supposed to be on that call with you?
Then effing pick up the phone and speak into it like a normal person.

Maybe it was because it was one of those days where literally everyone is the worst driver, 
but you.
And let me just tell you,
you do not want to see Crazy Connie with Road Rage.
All kinds of inappropriate words were had with many o' drivers.
Because screaming at them from inside your vehicle will show them. Right?!

Needless to say,
Roomie and I went out last night and grabbed ourselves a few mid-week cocktails.
After an hour or two, I could feel Crazy Connie start to retreat.
On our walk home, we came across a sweet old {homeless} woman
feeding the cutest little puppy in the entire world.
Roomie and I immediately started gushing and saying how cute her puppy was.
To which she basically morphed into the old lady on Snow White,
growled at us and screamed,
"Don't talk about my dog! DON'T talk about my dog!!!!!!"
And well, there you have it.


That was my Wednesday.
May today be ever in my favor.



  1. Ahaha...I just call mine 'the rage' but I'm digging the alter ego :)
    Ugh...I have the same speaker phone issues around my work too, they should really be reserved for private offices or non-A$$holes.

    Love your blog by the way!

  2. Sounds eventful and basically exactly like how I feel for approximately 7 days out of the month. Sigh. Being a girl is hard.

  3. haha that's hilarious about the old lady! hope today's better!

  4. Oh my goodness, I seriously had the WORST road rage ever this morning! Some people are just the worst! Don't they know we are already in a bad mood? Shoot.

    I am really hoping your day is better today!

  5. AH. i hate, HATE when food/yogurt/ANYTHING falls between my boobs. like really. there is nothing i hate more.

  6. Sorry you had such a bad day. But thank you for sharing it with us. You have such a fun way of describing a bad day!

  7. I'm having that kind of day today.


  8. Omg. I know for a fact now that Charlotte and Connie are sisters. Wicked sisters. They even show up in the same week.

  9. You are way too funny, OMG I FEEL YOU!! I guess it does not help with the yogurt boob thing and the speakerphone thing, so I feel like you are slightly more justified...but TGIF right!

  10. hahahahahaha. there are no words for this. mainly because of the pictures you used. i found you through emily's post on my blog (which seems stranger when you type it) and me is happy now :) x

  11. Wow I just saw the Hunger Games reference. Well played good sir, well played.



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