Wednesday, April 18, 2012

My Smelly Trip Home

I got home late last night from my biznass trip in Arkansas.
V Dizz picked me up at the airport, 
gave me a big hug,
then promptly said, 
"You smell."
Thanks Boo, it's good to see you too.

I blame the smell on my 70 year old seat mate.
Who, at first, I thought looked like the old man, Noah Calhoun, from The Notebook.

So I watched him from the corner of my eye for a moment,
wondering where his "Allie" was.
I didn't see her around, so then I felt bad for the little fella 
and thought about giving him a hug and telling him it was all going to be okay.

He must have sensed my stare, because he looked at me and began talking.
And he just.wouldn't.stop.
Where are you from?
Where are you coming from?
What do you do?
Where do you live?
And man, it was all I could do to stop myself from physically plugging my nose
from the waft coming mere inches from my face.
Pee. Yew.

I politely pulled out my iPad to silently say,
"Noah, this is a Red Eye and you smell. Please stop talking to me now."
But no.
How do you like reading on that?
How many books can you hold?
Do you have both fiction and non fiction?

You can imagine my discomfort.
But he was old...and I couldn't be rude,
so I pushed Crazy Connie aside and breathed through my mouth the rest of the way home.

So there.
That's why I smelled.
Being in the hot sun and travelling all day had nothing to do with it, I'm sure.

Happy Wednesday!


  1. I can imagine it must not have ben so pleasant, but good for you for being kind and keeping him company on the trip home...wonder if he did or does have an "Allie" somewhere, interesting thought! :)

  2. i hate when people strike up a conversation while traveling. it's why my earbuds are in at all times. even if they arent connected to anything.

  3. oh no, old people on the plane, sweet but so dang talkative... I usually pretend to fall asleep...are we horrible people? haha

  4. I hate small talking with strangers. I need to add this to my pet peeve list.

  5. stinky plane people are my #1 traveling pet peeve. even higher than screaming babies.

  6. Noah, poor Noah. Maybe he was so distraught without his Allie that he couldn't shower. Orrrr he just straight up stinks.

  7. Yikes! That's definitely a travel nightmare.

  8. You're going to hell in a hand basket for not wanting to talk to Noah. Poor, poor Noah. Someone told me on a plane once that I am an old soul. I think thats a compliment.

  9. OMG that is my worst nightmare.
    I try to look really uninviting on airplanes,
    and sometimes wear earbuds without any music playing, just so people won't talk to me.

    My dad? He'll chat it up the whole ride with strangers.

    Sorry for your luck!

  10. Hey Mishi!
    Thanks for the birthday wishes! I had not been snowboarding since we went with your brother and went up the lift like two times and then got in trouble for sitting on our snowboards down the hill instead of riding them....and we might have made a sign out of pine cones that said "Hi" underneath the chairlift. Anyways, sorry you had to sit next to a stinkpot on your flight!

  11. Ugh, overly friendly stinky strangers. Potentially the worst combination for a person to ever have. The most that should ever be said to a stranger is: "Thanks for moving out of the way so I can squeeze my fat arse past to the window seat."

    That's all that one ever needs to really say to anyone they don't know.

  12. You have a kind heart...I love that about you :)



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