Monday, April 16, 2012


I'm sure you've all been worried sick that I haven't posted yet today;
Sitting on the edges of your seats, refreshing every 60 seconds.
I'm just sure of it.
Well, fear not. Mishi is here.
Writing to you from Bentonville, Arkansas.
{Say whaaaat?}

That's right. You heard me.
Normally I'd post a Weekend Recap.
Which, as of late, basically means me telling you 
The Dizz and I ran an unfathomable distance and consumed an even larger amount of food.
Which in case you were wondering, we did run {18 big ones} and we did eat. A lot.
See below for reference:

I thought it'd be okay to veer away from my normal Monday posting
in lieu of my current situation.
- - -
This morning, I hopped on a plane and flew my ass to Arkansas.
{With a lovely head of hair in my direct sight, mind you.}

And if you're like me who maybe wasn't exactly sure where that was on the map
and just knew it was "over there in the South somewhere,"
well, here. I made it easy for you:
{Don't judge me. Asians are good with numbers, not geography.}

My oh-so glamorous job of mine flew me out for a business meeting.
To do business-y stuff that I won't bore you with details here.
It's time for me to get out of my room at the Holiday Inn Express
and head out for some grub.
Maybe I'll go to the Denny's that shares the parking lot across the way.
Told you: Glam-o-rous.

Happy Monday, Friends! :)



  1. Enjoy- went to Hot Springs randomly last summer and it was an interesting time. I have no other word. Also, it was biker week when I was there, so obviously, I got lucky.

  2. haha. great post. Enjoy your time in arkansas. At least you can claim to have been there.

  3. Looks like you had a great weekend, and the food look oh so yummy! Hope you found some yummy food tonight in Arkansas! :) Have fun!

  4. ARKANSAS!! YEEHAW, national headquarters of Walmart, so there's that. Have fun, grand slam at denny's is sounding pretty good right now actually haha

  5. Ha! Home of Walmart. And Walmart. And what else? Oh, guess that's all :)

    Glad you made it through 18 miles alive. That is an accomplishment!

  6. Only 2 states away from me!!! 1 state south of where your great-grandmother was born :) Hey, you can't're traveling for your business. That's very cool.

  7. I eat that much w/o burning a single calorie. Not good. Tks for the map. I am good at math. Not much else.

  8. YOU ARE SO FUNNY!!! congrats on the big run and glad to hear you enjoyed replenishing calories. :) always the best part. hope the trip was productive!



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