Thursday, April 12, 2012

A little bit of this, a little bit of that..

I haven't ran since Sunday.
And I don't care who knows it!
Yeah, so maybe I have to run 18 miles this upcoming Sunday.
But for right now,
I'll just pretend I'm like any other normal person 
who didn't hop on the crazy train of marathon training.
So sue me.
{Fast forward to Sunday, around mile 14, when I'm dying of regret 
for skipping out on these mid-week runs.
You can say 'I told you so' then.}

And in case you care {which you probably don't},
I think I might just have to put it out there that Bruegger's Bagels 
is stealing my Starbucks loving heart.
There. I said it.
Not only is it cheaper,
but I think it may even taste better.
Please note that I only drink regular drip coffee, 
so I can't speak for all you fancy Mocha Frappuccino extra whip drinkers.

And lastly, 
not to brag or anything {except that's what I'm totally going to do right now},
Cassie over at Come What May
have both awarded me the Liebster Award.
{Blog love to someone with <200 followers}
Kiiinnnddd of a big deal.
It's too bad I suck at these things and won't play by the rules.
Apparently you have to say some facts about yourself 
and then I guess pass the award on.
I'm not quite sure.
Again, I'm probably not the best person to award this to.
Bet you two wish you could take the award back now!
Well guess what?
You can't.
{But seriously, thank you. You guys rock. So how about I just give it back to you?? There. It's settled.}

Happy Thursday, Friends!


  1. Things. 1) Mid-week runs are the goddamn worst. This morning I thought I was going to fall over and die. DIE. I mean, I didn't. But I sure felt like it. 2) Brueggers is love. Love their coffee, love their bagels. Love. 3) WOOOO AWARDSSSSSS!

  2. Brueggers is bomb. I'm eating a bagel right now. Could really go for a drip. Damn you. Now I'm gunna get up and go get some coffee.

  3. I am chowing down on Brueggers as we speak. Or as I type. I will Insta it for photographical proof. ;)

  4. sadly, I am a fancy shmancy expensive coffee drinker. alas. Only once or twice a week though, if that:-) When I was a barista, I couldn't believe how many regulars would come in every single day, sometimes 2x a day and order huge expensive drinks!

  5. congrats on your award!!!
    and you are doing an 18 mile run? good luck girl!!! i'm sure all these skipped runs won't ruin you. you can do it!
    xo TJ

  6. WTF is a Liebster? does this comment ensure i won't ever get it? ;)

  7. im obsessed with brueggers! omg theyre food is amazing!!!

    xo Kelly

  8. Nevermind the coffee. Those bagels are EFFING delish. (Yeah, your use of "effing" rubbed off on me yesterday. Good job.)

  9. I'd leave a brilliant comment right now, but Bryson is calling out "Nana" from his crib and I can't ignore it any longer :(

  10. I adore Bruegger's. I'm also a regular coffee kinda girl, and oh so picky. It's been months since I've been, I must remedy that.

    I still think you are the coolest person in the world for marathon training. 30 minutes on the elliptical last night and I wanted to cry.

  11. This makes me feel a little bit better about skipping the gym this whole week. I've had a pretty bad cold, but I hate not forcing myself to go. Good luck with your run, and great blog!

  12. You are funny. And I like that. So... I am going to follow you :)

  13. I'm cheating on my Starbucks with Majorca coffee. It's roasted locally and using wind energy, so I'm all onboard. Though their shop is 20 min away, so I can't go there very often.



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