Thursday, April 26, 2012


You know what kind of hit me recently?
That I'm going to mutha effen KOREA next week.
Say what??
How the heck did this come up so fast?
I feel like I just bought the ticket, with 4 months to plan!

For those that don't know,
The Dizz, The Fam, and I will be heading across the world 
to see my big bro and his lovely fiance be wed!
Pretty big stuff.
Here he is in all of his Bachelor Glory:

The plane ride will be about 13 hours,
and I fully intend on popping a few xanax {paired with a cocktail or two}
and passing out sleeping the majority of the way.
Wait, what?

Even though North Korea has been threatening total destruction of South Korea as of late,
and we may or may not get nuked by a deadly missile while we're there,
I am still highly excited to be in my Home Land! 
I mean, how bad could those North Koreans really be?
They look so friendly and happy and charismatic in their choreographed dance!

So anyway,
I think this will be a trip to remember.

Let the countdown begin!
Only nine more days!


Happy Thursday, Friends!


  1. So exciting! Hope you have a great time!! Take lots of picutes. With your big camera.

  2. How FUN!! I have never done a 13 hour plane ride... I would def. need xanax, too!

  3. HAHAA, the "dancing" photo cracked me up! I will pray that you don't get nuked. You're gonna have a blast and get a chance to take so many pictures. Traveling with Verner for the first time will be an interesting experience too I'm sure :-)

  4. 1. i first read pooping xanax. which you will inevitably do.
    2. i think you may have found the best koren dancing photo ever. i hope you've been practicing your high kick.
    3. i will miss you greatly.

  5. There are 2 awesome things that immediately came to mind after reading your post. 1) Free booze on international flights - score. 2) Hopefully some amazing stories about Princess Sophia when you return!

  6. Just LOL'd straight through this post up until the choreographed dance where I may or may not have piddled my pants a little. This is why I have no "Things" for today. I apologize.

  7. Wow that sounds fun! Looking forward to seeing pictures when you get back!

  8. You are cracking me up with this AWESOME description of North Korea. OH MY.

  9. Hahhaa dancing soldiers .. oh my I’m only laughing because you made the joke so yeah it’s like the whole only I can call my people beaners? Oh no?! lol
    13 hours wowsah.. yup sounds like xanax will do the trick!

  10. Ooh I can't wait to read about your adventures there!! I'm currently looking into teaching English there in the fall - will be be really neat to see pics/read about your trip! :)

  11. Ha, so funny! I love the dancing soldiers! = )

    Have fun, be safe (that's the not yet a mom in me), & take lots o' pictures!

  12. Sounds so fun, love the picture of your brother! Stay safe over there.

  13. i adore you're silly thoughts brought to life in your blog posts! i can't seem to not smile/laugh when reading your posts. have a great time and can't wait to read all about it!!!


  14. This seems to be really fun and good. I hope that you have a great time and please share some pictures when you return back. Stay blessed.



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