Tuesday, April 17, 2012

How To Achieve That Bed Head/Sex Hair...

Step 1: The night before your desired Bed Head/Sex Hair look, take a shower.
Wash your hair with your choice of shampoo and conditioner.
Recommended, though not required: Have naked man in said shower with you...to...help.

Step 2: When shower is complete, immediately go straight to your bed and..."Wrestle" in said bed.
Though the "wrestling" can be done solo,
it is recommended you have the naked man from shower participate as well.

Step 3: Immediately fall asleep.
Do not dry hair.
Do not comb hair.

Step 4: Wake up, look in the mirror, and admire your newly acquired waves.

Step 5: Spray Bumble and Bumble Surf Spray all over hair.
I repeat: Do not comb hair.

Step 6: Continue on with your day and reel in the compliments.

You're welcome.


{photos c/o vickichristine}


  1. Are you back from your business trip already? (I'm not commenting on the whole shower/bed with a naked man thing for obvious reasons) :/

  2. I've tried this method several times with no success. When I sleep with wet hair (which seems to be at least 3 times a week), I wake up with an enormous lion's mane that cannot be tamed. Perhaps the Surf Spray makes all the difference?

  3. Perfect! I love this! I have bed bed head hair everyday ! I need to use spray though, that may be the trick!

  4. I'm right there with Amira. I think my lack of length plays a part. but I will try the surf spray as another attempt/experiment? :]

  5. lol.I like your recommendation ;)

  6. haha maybe if we all had long beautiful hair like you, i like the recommendation though! I love bumble and bumble, going to have to try this product

  7. to Amira & olivia

    I think the key to this look is the recommended steps in 1&2 and possibly a bit of step 5 :)

    Mish love this look girl! thanks for the Tip!

  8. Things! 1) Trying this tonight. 2) Rawr.

  9. LOL you're hilarious! What if I'm single though? ;)

    I used to have this spray that I LOVED. It smelled like the ocean but they stopped making it :( I'll have to pick this up :)

  10. You're such a bizzo. This approach, definitely, does NOT work for my hair.

  11. Bahahaha LOVE IT.

    Sadly, though, my hair comes up more knotty than sexy. Even with the naked man.

  12. my hair sticks straight up in the air when I do this. No sexy waves in these parts. Sigh.

  13. This is now my favorite post...forget Princess Sofi. jajaja..thats me laughing in spanish. jajaja

  14. i think naked man is mandatory :)

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