Friday, April 13, 2012

Friday Ramblings

Does it make me an Alchy that I no longer buy the regular sized bottles of wine?
And that there wasn't a drop left after V Dizz and I got our hands on it?
And that I was secretly longing for more after my last sip was taken?

Part of me wants to say that I wasn't even affected by said wine.
But now, looking back at the blubbering mess I was last night watching the death of
Jin and Sun convinces me otherwise.
I lost it guys (no pun intended). 
I was literally. SOBBING.
He said to her, as the water rushed in to the submarine, seconds away from drowning, 
"I will never leave you. I love you."
Oh. Man. I'm getting teary just thinking about it.
Go ahead, make fun of me for getting emotional about an 8-year old TV show.


I hope you all have a wonderful, wonderful weekend!
Wish us luck as we tackle our 18 miler on Sunday. 
Dun, dun, dun...


P.S. Happy 2 Year Birthday to my beautiful little nephew, Bryson!!
I love you!
And hey, stop growing up so fast.


  1. Morning things. 1) I don't know what regular-sized bottles of wine look like anymore. 2) EVERYONE tells me I look like Sun. Probably she's the only Asian on TV. Sigh. 3) Godspeed on your 18-miler. I'm running 8 tomorrow. Pretend I'm running with you? 4) Cutest little boy. SO CUTE!

  2. SUN AND JIN. SUN AND JIN. i cried so hard. so unbelievably hard. that death was awful and full of love and scarring and perfect. ooooh j.j.
    alex is right, cutest little boy ever.

  3. 18 miles. I think I'd need to drink one of those bottles of wine to even get the courage to sign up for that! You are an inspiration to us all! I'll be toasting to you this weekend:-) xoxo

  4. i'll babysit the wine while y'all go run those 18 miles.... ;)

  5. OMG, seriously, Bryson is so cute, no scratch that, he's such a handsome little boy! :)


  6. hahahaha alchy, love than abbrev.! Oh man you reminding me of that moment almost made me start crying right here right now! 18 Miles is your bit**! haha

  7. Oh that wine will definitely sneak up on you without you even realizing it. NINJA.

  8. Don't feel bad! I cried when I saw that episode too! Awesome show!

  9. We're having Bryson's party at Chucky Cheese on Sunday :)
    All he wanted today was "nack"...(he can't say snack). He would take my hand, pull me over to the pantry and say "nack"! How can you resist such a sweet little request? Michael says I give him way too much candy. I say, "That's what grandma is for!"



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