Friday, April 6, 2012

Friday Ramblings

I have some very important news to share, friends.

Yesterday afternoon, I drove home from work,
with my entire Thursday evening wide open.
Roomie was working late, V Dizzle is still in Vegas,
and I had a date with the couch and Friends.

But something happened.
Something I can't quite explain.
I got home, took off my shoes {Asian household, remember?},
then went and turned the TV on to get Friends started {very exciting life I lead, I know}.
Then a feeling came over me.
A feeling I'm not used to.
I had an urge to go for a run.
I know. It shocked me too.
But I figured this feeling comes around about once every 3 years, 
so I should go with it lest it disappear forever.

Now, you may be thinking, 
"But Michelle, you're always running these days. You're training for a marathon, stupid."
And I'd say, "You're right. I am."
But Thursdays, oh those glorious Thursdays, are the days in which I do not have to run.
The training schedule calls for Thursdays to be a "Cross Training" day.
Which, as I mentioned earlier, usually means sitting on the couch, exercising my eyes.

So you see, I did this run out of my own free will.
I did this run without V Dizzle pushing me onward and battling my excuses not to run.
This was all me. 
And I'm proud of those 4.53 miles I ran.
Maybe it wasn't very far, but coming from someone who, for lack of a better word, despises running,
I think this was a step forward.

Plus, if I never got out of the house, then I never could have enjoyed this view:

Annnnddddd, I also wouldn't have been able to fully enjoy 
the THREE Fudgsicles I consumed in one sitting.
So you see?
Gut feelings are good.
You should go with them, because you'll probably feel a lot better afterwards.


Happy Friday!!!
If any of you had a week like mine, I'm sure this day is highly welcomed with arms wide open!



  1. An awesome accomplishment! I've always hated running so I admire you for going with your gut on this one... and training for a marathon to begin with!

  2. YUUUP that's right! I did the same thing yesterday.. I did an hour work out only to have me some hot wings for dinner!!

  3. i used to love those feelings. then i would roll over on the couch and fall asleep. good work friend.

  4. Sooo proud of you :) LOVE that view! And you'd better believe those fudgsicles will be making their way into my grocery cart!

  5. Slowly but surely running is going to suck you in for life. hahaha

    (I'm in the phase where that Friends episode/couch sounds GLORIOUS!)

  6. Go you! That's awesome! I totally agree that those feelings don't come very often, so gotta run with them. Literally.

  7. Why can't I have your motivationnnnnnn? That urge has never struck me in my life. Maybe I need to run once or twice before it ever will....good job girl!

  8. WOO! Soon running will be second nature. You won't know what to do with yourself without it. But Friends will always sound good...

  9. Isent it super weird that you get that feeling just to run?!?!?! I got that same feeling I think your body wanting to get out there and move. Glad you did it because that view is Killa!! hope you have a great weekend love!

  10. why do those fudgesicles look sooo good? Good call on those! And good for you and your self motivation, i get that sometimes, but don't do anything quick enough and then it passes...alas, rachel and ross

  11. wow! good for you! BEAUTIFUL view! great shot! happy easter!

    xx Kelly

  12. 5 miles on will power alone? Dang. You're gonna win that marathon! And I can't believe you got up while an episode of Friends was on. I can't take my eyes off that show!

  13. As someone who is at the beginning of training for a 5K I am SUPER impressed! I hate running too, but love the feeling I get after I'm done. You go girl!

  14. Good for you! That is such a great feeling, and that is awesome that you got up and went running on your off day. New levels of awesomeness :) Umm those fudgesicles look awesome, by the way - we don't have them here on the island, but I wish we did!

  15. I love you. You're funny. End of story.



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