Thursday, April 19, 2012

Date Night

The Dizz and I have a tradition.
And when I say we have a tradition, 
I really mean: yesterday I came up with an idea and so yesterday it was executed.

Here's the {hopefully kept up with} tradition:
Once a month, one of us thinks of a creative and new date;
something we've never done before,
and something that's not a regular "dinner and a movie" kind of date
{though those can be nice too}.

Obviously since I created the tradition, 
it would be my turn for this month.
And ever since I read Amira's post about the Paint n Vineyard place,
I had been wanting to go!

Best part is, 
they don't judge when you down an entire bottle of wine for yourself!
{And really, who needs that kind of judgement?}

I think it's safe to say I'm not the "artist" in this relationship.
The teacher said V-Dizzle's was better than hers!
Not that this is a competition or anything, 
but let's just say I'm not used to coming in second.
You got this one, one is mine.




  1. this looks like so much fun! you are too funny.

  2. you both so freaking adorable and happy and painty! v's is pretty damn good.

  3. This is the cutest date I've ever heard of. This needs to happen in Boston. It probably is happening and I just don't know. But awesome job!

  4. I am loving this date night idea!!! I've been seeing these pop up around here. So fun! And seriously.... y'all are a dang good looking couple!

  5. I love this date night idea. It looks like fun. Not sure how to find out if there is one near me? Kind of want to google "drink while being taught to paint" but am a little afraid of what the search might come up with. I'm going to do it anyway. :)

  6. FUN!! I am not much of an artist either .. but with wine I can turn into picaso! And hello how adorable is this for a date.. you guys are too cute .. seriously not fare that two Hot people get to come together .. and one day make beautiful babies!!

  7. What an art-teeest you two are!! Love this idea... actually the wine sold me :)

    Love your blog girlie! Brings smiles!

  8. I am SOOO glad you guys went and had a great time! I love the wine glass painting and I am seriously impressed with your skills! And you thought you wouldn't be able to paint, puhlease.

  9. Those painting both look AWESOME. Consider me impressed. And under the influence of wine? Super impressed.

  10. What does V-Dizzle stand for? I am guessing Vinnie-something? He looks like a Vinnie. But not like the Vinnie from Doogie Houser.

    Nice picture. Where ya gonna put if?

  11. You are literally the cutest person I don't know. And I think V-Dizzle's (Can I even call him that..?) lacks the emotion and individual interpretation that yours so obviously embodies. Just sayin'...

  12. Fun! We did this one night too, and had a blast. We had the same goal of one creative date a month, but we haven't been great at keeping up with it the last couple of months. I think I'm going to have to revive it.

  13. Wow, that painting IS amazing! And fun tradition!!!!



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