Thursday, March 22, 2012

Yesterday was a good day...

The Dizzle and I went on a 5 mile run along PCH
and finished at the grocery store to pick up ingredients for dinner.

V-Dizzle said he found a recipe.....on Pinterest.
Let me just point out that I don't even use Pinterest.
So yeah...Don't ask, it was baffling to me too.
{Ok fine. In his defense, he said he was doing some "marketing research." Mm hmmm. Sure.}

Anyway, upon entering the grocery store,
one of their employees came up to me and said,
"Dang girl, you been losing some weight??"
A) Let me remind you, I have yet to lose a single pound from this marathon training.
B) How the heck does she even know who I am?
And C) Does this mean I was a giant prior to this training?

Moving on.
Once we got back to my place, ingredients in tow,
V-Dizzle set out chips, salsa, and homemade gauc for me to eat.
So I cracked open a beer, turned on an episode of Friends, and opened up the latest Cosmo magazine.
I think I maybe half-heartedly offered to help,
but he just seemed to be enjoying himself so much, 
I didn't want to deny him the pleasure of cooking alone.
{Bless that heart of gold he has.}

The chicken flautas were Uh.May.Zing.
Check out the recipe here.
Super easy, fairly quick, and really yummy.
{Just try not to fill up too much on chips beforehand.}

After we stuffed ourselves senseless,
we went to bed and had one of those really good, just the two of us, talks.
You know what I mean..
Talks about goals, life, inspiring things...
and then somehow the last 1/2 hour was spent recording funny faces on his iPhone.
But anyway.
It was nice. Very nice. :)

Happy Thursday, Friends!
One more day till the weekend!!
Whoop Whoop!



  1. omg, you guys are totally in love. And he sounds like a keeper, don't let that one go.

  2. Doesn't it feel great to get compliments like that! I have yet to lose any weight either, but when people make comments, it feels awesome! It must be true that when you tone up, you don't necessarily lose weight. This recipe looks amazing! Mexican food, a beer AND Friends? Gosh, sounds like the perfect night.

  3. A man who cooks is a KEEPER! My husband and I take turns at cooking and it's a god-send. As for the flautas, wow! YUM! As for the weight comments, sometimes exercising just shifts it all around in the right places. You're probably gaining some good muscle tone too. Be proud of yourself!

  4. YAY!!!!! I can leave a comment I was worried for a second!

    1st I must say how do you not have a Pinterest.?
    2. I love how he was looking on Pinterest.
    3. girl take the complements as you are looking good, not a giant at all.

    Lastly seeing these pic on Insta totally had me craving chips, salsa & guac.

    XxXx ~ Vanessa

  5. Oh my salvation mouth! I thought the picture was from a restaurant .. they look yummy..
    Lucky girl .. haha recording funny faces? Sounds like two young people super in love!!

  6. That does sound like a perfect day, you are very lucky you live in the vicinity of PCH! Your man sounds like a keeper ( I love how he even set you out appi's)

  7. So yummy and so sweet!!! You guys seem like an amazing couple :)

  8. You may not have lost any weight, but since your exercising your body is getting toned. Lookin' good is what really matters right ;)

  9. A.) You clearly used to be giant. Apparently it takes 3 people telling you before you'll understand. So I'm falling on the sword as #3.

    B.) Men using Pinterest is somewhat questionable in my book.

    C.) However, if said Pinterest'ing results in delicious food, it can be forgiven.

  10. Looks soooo delicious!

    - Ellen,



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