Monday, March 19, 2012

Weekend Recap

I've got a sneaking suspicion that all of my "Weekend Recaps"
for the next 2 1/2 months (aka until this marathon training is over), will consist of

A) Complaining about running
B ) Eating large portions of anything I can get my hands on
C ) Sleeping and/or being glued to my bed

Please know, 
I will understand if you choose to never read another one of my weekend posts again
until this marathon is over with.
76 more days, people. 76 more effing days.

So for the remaining stragglers who have stuck around to hear about my weekend...
you must really love me.
And to that I shall say, I love you too. Dearly.

I hope you all had a fun St. Patrick's Day.
We went to a bar Downtown filled with many green-wearing, sloppy drunk folks.
Oh what I would have given to have been a part of that mess.
But no...
It was a 2 beer limit for us marathon trainers (see? I told you you'd get sick of hearing about this).
We then traded in the beer and got drunk off some organic Echinacea tea.
And when I say drunk, I really mean calm and sleepy and "passed out" at 10pm in preparation for our morning run.

Let me tell you:
Running 13 miles without the cheering bystanders and free roadside drinks
is not nearly as fun when those cheers are replaced by howling winds
and the drinks are replaced with hail and rain.
running 13 miles is running 13 miles.
And if that means the only reason that gets me out of bed is to eat a Double Double from In 'N Out,
to which I then go straight back to bed to sleep and/or play Draw Something with V-Dizzle 
who's about 1 foot away from me,
then shoot, that's what I'm going to do.
And no one can argue otherwise, am I right?

Happy Monday, Friends!



  1. Hahaha. All this with be worth it... I hope? :P

  2. Hech yeah 13 miles.. is FREAKING 13 miles! AND in the rain?! Hats off to you girlfriend!!
    Yummers IN-N OUT totally worth it!!

  3. Cool kids go to bed at 10 dont worry haha...oh my I love in n out and those draw something pics are hysterical

  4. Girl, you know how to make marathon training & food eating more interesting than lots of other shizz I read.

    Also, does V-Dizz *ever* wear clothing? You' {Is there a threshold for how many creepy comments I can make about your boyfriend before it becomes truly creepy? Because I'm going for that limit plus one.}

  5. You are amazzzzing! 13 miles! I don't know if I could everrr do it! Especially in the rain and hail.
    I am dying over those draw something pictures... hilarious!



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