Thursday, March 29, 2012

Thursday Ramblings

This is me this morning.
Disheveled x2.
It's been one of those mornings where you wake up late,
rush to get ready,
expect to have your make-up in your car so you can do death defying tricks on your way to work,
to then find out that you don't have said make-up and it's too late to turn back.
So I scrounged around in the ol' purse and found some dried-out mascara and some chapstick
so I wouldn't scare the co-workers too bad.
This was the best I could do.
You're welcome for sharing.

Needless to say, today is like my Friday!
Come 5pm, I am free and Palm Springs bound!
Which is a good thing, because it's quite depressing looking out my work window today:

{Pretty exotic view of the freeway, eh?}

I can't wait to trade in the San Diego "gloom" for some Desert rays:

I think I'm even going to finally bust out the Big Girl camera
and try to take some pictures this weekend.
{Though I'm still convinced I take much better pictures via Instagram.}

You all have a lovely weekend yourselves.
See ya on the flip side!



  1. Um... I wish I looked like that when I had on very little make-up.

  2. Ah soo jealous! What is with this So Cal March weather? Not a fan, that's for sure. Hope you have a blast in Palm Springs!

  3. So jealous you're going somewhere so nice! Boston is definitely missing the memo on the nice weather. It's cold and rainy. Ga-ross. But girlll have fun! You deserve it!

  4. I feel like my Instagram shots are super artistic. And this is about as accurate as me saying I am super tight with all 500+ FB friends just cuz they tell me their every waking movement. Are we following each other on Instagram? If not we should be. I need to be stalking you on all levels.

  5. YAY for big girl cameras! I have had so much fun learning :-) Let me know if you have any questions, I'm sure at one point I had/have the same one(s)!

    And have fun in Palm Springs, I'm really jealous :-(

  6. You are beautiful sans makeup!!!

    And have fun with that big girl camera! Learn to embrace it!! I've been playing around with mine. It's fun.

  7. Can't wait to see your pictures when you come back. It's pretty cold and cloudy here in Maine...I could use a dose of sun. Have a fun trip!

  8. You seriously crack me up. Of course the makeup you find WOULD be dried up. Dangit. Such is life. Well, at least you'll come back to work with a tan, right??

  9. Ahhhh gotta love those moments. Sometimes I venture out of the house, sans makeup, convinced that it won't matter because I'll be around strangers running an errand. Naturally, there's always a turn of events and I'm left remorseful and explaining why I look like shite.



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