Tuesday, March 13, 2012

San Diego Half Marathon - The Low Down

So as you know (or don't), V Dizzle and I have been training for a marathon.
Please note: Prior to this training, 
I could barely run 2 miles without feeling like my heart would explode from my chest 
and I would succumb to a very quick and painful death.
I am not, I repeat, not a runner by any means.
Yet, somehow, here I am.
Training to run 26.2 whopping miles.
{Don't ask my why. I'm still trying to figure that out myself.}

This past Sunday was the San Diego Half Marathon.
According to our training schedule, we had to run 12 miles anyway,
so we figured why not jump in on the half with the rest of the crazy San Diegans
that wanted to wake up at the butt crack of dawn and run 13.1 miles.
{Writing that sentence confused me too. Try to keep up.}

Sunday morning at 7:20am (which really felt like 6:20am, thank you daylight savings),
we made our way to the starting line...

Sans Bib Numbers 
{because maybe we're cheap and lazy and didn't pay}

There they were: All of the paying patrons getting their run on.
We had to make our move and we had to make it quick.
We sneakily made our way into the crowd with not a second glance our way.
Stealth like ninjas is what we were, really.
We were off and feeling good!
{Feeling good enough to take a crappy iPhone picture, apparently.}

They had banners at every mile letting us know our progress.
Believe it or not, that actually helped a lot.
Being surrounded by hundreds of runners,
seeing random strangers cheering us on,
it was extremely motivating and made the entire thing go by quickly.
I know, it was surprising to me too.

At about mile 11, I took a little video.
Don't let the heavy breathing fool you, I was actually feeling pretty good.

When it was done, they corralled everyone in to the Petco Park baseball stadium.
Everyone except us.
A big scary security man flailed us down shouting, "Where's your bib?! Where's your bib?!"
Needless to say, we didn't get to join in on the fun festivities that were had with the paying patrons.
But that's okay. 
We were ecstatic anyway and celebrated on our own terms
via Bud Light and a 3 hour nap.

Note to V-Dizzle:
Good job, Boo.
I'm so very proud of us!
Even though we're only halfway there and today's 3 miles had us hobbling like a bunch of 80 year olds,
I am still happy willing to be doing this alongside of you.
I think accomplishing this little milestone will give us enough motivation to go all the way.
Right? Right.

Happy Tuesday, everyone :)


  1. Great job girl! You both should be very proud! I'm impressed :)

  2. That is too cute that you and your hubs are doing this together. Precious :)

  3. are you married?! sweet! i would also like to acknowledge that you texted me about 4 times during this run and hank asked: she's texting you while running? to which i replied: damn straight she is, she's a maniac! get off.

  4. congrats on the 13.1 run!! I don't know how people run that long. I hateee running, but do it b/c I know I have to ... it's good for us, right?!

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  6. Looks like you are in great shape for the real thing! Running a half marathon is on my bucket list! Ps- I just found and now follow your blog and i love it-you are so funny, I literally laugh out loud!


  7. what an awesome experience!! I am so jealous of you, because I cannot run!! It is just not for me at all lol.

    p.s. I am hosting a giveaway on my little blog! I would love for you to check it out!


  8. I am so proud of you, Honey! That's an amazing accomplishment. And if you actually complete the marathon you will have done something your father NEVER could do (even though he trained for it!) I know he'll be so proud when you run across that finish line! :)

  9. Well.Done.You.B*tch. ;) I mean that in the nicest possible way.

  10. Well dang! You go girl! I start training for a 5K back in the fall, but then the Chicago winter hit and my lungs freaked out.

    I have been inspired to start training again after watching your video! Bring it on 5K :)

    (BTW, this is my first time to your blog - you're adorable!)

  11. You are so beautiful in that photo!! I would definitely not look that radiant after running three miles. Ugh! haha

    Xoxo, Sarah

  12. Holy crap! You ran a marathon without paying! LOL! You probably could have registered late and then earned your medal! Yay, I'm so happy when people discover the love of running! -Jessica


  13. Yalls are awesome! And hilarious for running in a race that you didn't pay for. Ballsy



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