Tuesday, March 27, 2012

On being a Pro Marathon Trainer..

Sometimes, you've got to look at your marathon training self,

and give it one of these looks:

Then instead of running 5 miles on your scheduled
Monday night...

You order Pizza Hut and crack open some Beers.

But just sometimes...



  1. You've inspired me! I think I could totally be a Pro marathon trainer ;-)

  2. You need a break sometimes. Training for distance races is tough. I have done 2 halfs and I can't imagine training for a full.

  3. I was wondering if you had days like this! I mean you are super dedicated running 14 miles in the rain and hale in wee hours of the morning = you are one down ass Bz I must say! so I hope that you enjoyed that Beer and Pizza

  4. hahaha! ain't that the truth! Sometimes pizza and drinks feels a lot better than exercising anyways!

    Just found your blog- so glad I did! I've had a great time looking aroudn.

    new follower :)
    (hurry over- I'm giving away earrings today!)

  5. Haha!! That would totallybe me. Except I'd do that every single day! I ran a 5k once. But afterward I pretty much stopped running all together. Lol!

  6. do it to it my friend. do it. to it. :]

  7. Hahaha. Dude, I can totally train for a marathon if that's what's involved ;)

  8. Sometimes, you just need a pizza and beer break. I feel ya girl.

  9. Yes! I totally feel you on that! I ran my first marathon in November and had several of these nights during training. You feel like such a badass. (Or at least I did because I'm a total dork.)

  10. Sooo this is the life of a pro marathon trainer?? SIGN ME UP PLEASE!



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