Thursday, March 1, 2012

It's the Final Countdown...

I don't know about you guys,
but if I didn't have things to look forward to,
I'd probably drown in my misery as I sat for 8 hours at work, 5 days a week.
{Okay, my life isn't that miserable, but you get the point.}

I'm a big counter-downer and a big list maker.
Not that you care, but I'm about to do both.

Cue music.

Europe by The Final Countdown on Grooveshark

Up and Coming:

29 days until a weekend in Palm Springs!
Which, mind you, will be the very first "getaway" for me and the Dizz.

{I apologize for exploiting you in this picture, Boo, 
but it was merely so I could make a point on how excited I am.}

65 days until a trip to Korea!
My brother is getting married and I can't wait!
The last (and only) time I went was when I looked like this:
{Clearly, I was a stone-cold-not-awkward-at-all-FOX.}

And that's all I have to say about that.

94 days until the Rock n Roll Marathon!
Not that I'm necessarily excited to run 26.2 miles,
but I'm definitely excited to say that it's OVER.
And every day of training,
every grueling mile ran,
is one less day and one less mile.
So you bet your sweet ass I am counting down the days.

What are you guys counting down to?



  1. Ummm....yeah....that last comment I made about V-Dizzle. That*1,000. Holy moly, you are one lucky b*tch.

  2. Ah lucky you're going to palm springs.

    follow each other?

  3. cute post! i think I'm going to make a countdown post myself!

  4. first off - that super model in the picture is your man??? seriously? he has a ridiculous bod.

    and second off - you're doing a rock n roll marathon? SO AWESOME!!!! ive never done one but ive heard they're the BEST!

  5. Can I please come to Palm Springs with you??? I would love some heat. And fruity drinks. And while I'm at it, I'll just come to Korea too. Maybe I'll find Ned's cousin.

    And holy crap marathon?! I would die a slow miserable death. Actually, anything over a mile is a slow miserable death for me. Props, girl!

    And right now, about all I can look forward to is 5 pm :)

  6. i countdown each day to 5pm. does that count?

  7. I second Vicki's comment. But seriously... you have a lot to look forward too! So exciting!

  8. I think its ok to exploit LOL

    wow everything seams so Exiting!!

    Im sure it will all be amazing including being done with training for the marathon

  9. ALL exciting minus the marathon! CRAZY girl. I did my first half last December. I can't fathom running a marathon. I'm counting down til my first trip to Hawaii to see my man :)



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