Friday, March 16, 2012

Gloomy Friday

Port of San Diego

It's a gloomy and rainy Friday, with rumors it'll last all weekend!
Normally, I'd be okay with that.
Cuddling in bed all day with the sound of rain outside?
Sounds quite nice actually, doesn't it?

Oh, except if you're me.
Who has to run 13 miles, rain or shine.
I'm really beginning to resent you, Dear Marathon.
Yes, as of today: You suck. Big Time.

So, Friends...
Enjoy those warm beds for me.
Enjoy staying inside, nice and dry.
And Enjoy your non-shin-splinted legs.



  1. Deciding to run a marathon is a terrible idea. Just sayin.

  2. Careful in the rain! Just ask Vdizzle to place his coat over every puddle for you :)

    Cant wait for Mondays Post to see how your weekend really went

  3. You go girl!!! That's an inspiration! I will def be sending you good running vibes as I take my several naps today ;) lol, so happy to find you and Vicki! Xo

  4. While the 13 mile marathon will be no fun that view is gorgeous! While you're jealous of my warm dry bed I'll be jealous of your amazing views!

  5. it's pretty rainy and crappy here in sf too. good luck with the run!

  6. Following you on here and twitter! :)
    Glad i found another SoCal blogger! We should organize some kind of meet up! :)

  7. I commend you on running everyday!



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