Friday, March 9, 2012

Friday Ramblings

First off, thank you to all who were very supportive yesterday.
It definitely brightened up my day. :)

You know what else brightened my day?
Pandora. 'N Sync style.

Why thank you, Justin. You're right.
God must have spent a little more time on me.

Soon after this serenade,
Britney took me back to the 7th grade 
where making up dances at recess to Hit Me Baby One More Time was
basically your rite of passage.
And well, how could you not feel good after that memory?

I hope everyone has a fantastic weekend.
As for me?
The San Diego 1/2 marathon is this Sunday,
so I think V-Dizz and I are going to run it. 
(Ha. Yeah, right.)
Have we signed up for it?
Why pay $100+ when it's a mere 2 blocks from my house
and we can just hop right into the herd?
We're such rebels, I know.
Plus, according to our marathon training schedule,
this weekend we have to run 12 miles anyway,
so we might as well shoot for that extra 1.1 mile and get a little taste of what the real thing will be like.
Right? Right.
Wish me luck (Zeus knows I need it).



  1. i've "entered" races like this before and some can be very srtict. like they will throw you out if the catch you without a bib.

    the best trick i have found is to find someone you know who is registered and make a color copy of their bib and jsut wear that. it totally passes the casual observation test.

    and lets you still run.

  2. NSYNC station is rocking my world right now. dirrrrrrrty pop!

  3. I love when music magically transports you to a time and place in your life. ahhh the memories.

    1/2 Marathon 13.1 miles!!!! I can’t wait to read a blog post about it! Don’t get trampled in the herd & stick to your pace its easy to think hey why is this grandpa running faster then me and not breaking a sweat and wanna go all speedy Gonzalez DONT DO IT! LMAO

  4. NSYNC PANDORA! I know what I'll be doing tonight. I will love them forever.

    Seriously, so jealous of your running abilities. One mile and I die.

  5. Hahaha! Have fun!

    And now I want to listen to NSYNC...thanks! ;)

  6. Good luck, Sweetheart. You can do it! Love you :)



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