Friday, March 23, 2012

Friday Ramblings - Pinterest Style

Last night, V-Dizzle busted out his high tech computer skills and turned 
Zeus knows I don't know how to do those things,
so for that, I am extremely grateful.
Thanks, da best!
I now feel like I'm com.

Yesterday I tried to see what all the fuss was over Pinterest.
Because apparently I'm the last person on Earth to jump on that bandwagon.
So let me get this straight.
It's a site for strictly pictures.
And then you can "re-pin" the pictures? And then what?
Am I missing something?
Because the only thing that came out of that web peruse was me wanting to buy a bunch of things like:

This $237 bag from Boticca.
How do I know it's $237?
Because the raging Shopaholic in me immediately went to their site to purchase said bag
 only to quickly realize that they're sold out.


So you see?
I'm having a hard time trying to figure out how a site full of pretty things
can be good for someone like me.
Someone with zero willpower when it comes to purchasing new things.
And friends, I am very good at justifying my "need" for almost anything.
Enlighten me.
Maybe I'm just not understanding it.

I hope you all have a fantastic weekend.
Anyone want to run 14 miles with me and The Dizz?
'Cause that's what we'll be doing.
Be jealous.



  1. How did he turn your website into a {dot} commmmmmmm? (that is my whiniest, most jealous voice.)

  2. haha the thing i like best about pinterest, is the little "pin it" thing you can put on your bookmark bar and then when you find something you like on the internet, like any site anywhere you can pin it to one of your boards so you can remember if for later!

    .com....nice, moving up in the world!

  3. Welll hellllo Mish Lovin DOT COM! Awesomeeee.

    Also... I have to take breaks from Pinterest because I constantly find things that I absolutely need. I too have no will power. If I want it... I get it. It's so bad!

    Have a lovely weekend <3

  4. I basically just pin recipes and things that make me laugh hysterically. Because, like you, I want ever single thing. And I will buy every single thing. And I have. Clothes and such are pretty much off limits for me.

  5. awesome sauce dot com!

    I was really into Pinterest b/c it really was a way for me to visually bookmark pretty things around the web. But with the whole controversy about copyright infringement and also I don't ever revisit my so-called bookmarks, I hardly use it anymore. (see my friend's post about her decision to delete her pinterest account -->, awesome bag.

    Good luck on the run!! I am very jealous. I am still sore from running only 1.5 mi on the treadmill Wed. :( sad dot com

  6. I don't necessarily use it to find stuff I want to buy, but to have pretty things to look at lol.

    14 miles? My ass couldn't even walk 14 miles...even if there was a cheeseburger waiting at the end and I was starving.

  7. you are TOO funny! good luck on the marathon training! it will be SO worth it in the end!!!

  8. Gorgeous Bag! I've got a Pinterest too but I'm not very active...Happy Running!

  9. my flatmate is running the london marathon and i found some interesting marathon facts in her running magazine i thought i would share with you:

    fastest marathon by a marching band: 7hr 55min

    longest scarf knitted whilst running a marathon: 5ft 2in

    fastest marathon dressed as a vegetable: 4hrs 6min 17sec

    the last one is my favourite ;-)

  10. I can see why that bag was sold out!
    BTW, you're not the last person on earth who has no clue about pinterest. :/



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