Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Apparently I used to be chubby...

Yesterday, I went to Fasha's office to get an adjustment {he's a chiropractor}.
You know him...this gem of a Korean:

And just for a refresher, this is Princess Sophia, who was also there.
A.K.A. My Dad's "non-English speaking" wife.

From the moment I walked into that office,
Princess Sophia was staring me down.

Please note: Though I grew up with a Korean Father, 
I do not speak Korean.
Sad, but true.

So this is basically what I heard come out of Princess Sophia's mouth:
"Blah blah blah blah blah blah."
Then I look at Fasha and he responds with,
"Blah blah marathon blah blah boyfriend blah blah"

Naturally, I was baffled due to the language barrier.
So I asked Fasha to kindly translate what was just said.
He tells me that Princess Sophia said that I was looking very thin.
To which he explained to her that I'm currently training for a marathon with my boyfriend.
My head began to grow with the "compliment"...
until I was quickly shut down with Fasha's straight-faced remark:
"Yeah, you're not as chubby as you looked before."
Gee. Thanks, Dad.
Mind you, I have not lost a single pound since starting this marathon.
Not.A.Single.Pound people!
And I'm pretty sure I just saw them a mere 3 weeks ago.
What the crap?

Anyway, the rest of the visit went on with Sophia saying how I needed to use more sunblock because I was getting too tan and looked like a farmer...
Or something like that.
I zoned out after the chubby comment.

Oh Koreans...aren't they charming in their blunt and cutting ways?

Happy Wednesday, Friends ;)


  1. Gotta love the backhanded compliments!

  2. a farmer!?! hahaha oh your poor future half-black babies will be getting skin whitening cream from princess sophia every christmas! HA

  3. Hahahaha this is sooo funny, your dad sounds hysterical! I am the same way, I can run and run and run and not lose weight...I'm sure your toning up though!

  4. Hey Michelle! What's goin' down, lady! Thanks for the follow on Twitter. I love it when normal people with rad blogs follow me. Not only is your blog rad, but it appears we share some unique things in common. For one, I have a sister named Michelle and we call her Meeeeeesh too. For two, I have a Korean step-mother as well....who speaks NO English. Well, ok, it's gotten a little bit better, but that doesn't mean I understand anything she's saying. For three, I'm a bi-racial baby too! Dad's white and my mom's Brazilian. Bi-racial REPRESENT.

    Glad you found me!



  5. I love it when you bad mouth Sophia :) Is that wrong?

  6. hahaha. Ohmymy... sounds like a pretty exciting afternoon. Glad you could see the humor in it!! =)

  7. Look like a farmer???? WHAT THE...

    hahahaha that is too funny.

    and you don't look like a farmer.

  8. Sounds like the olden days where being tan meant you were poor and uneducated. Geeeez.

  9. All Asians are like that. I thought you'd be used it by now! I am. I have thick skin. Maybe some fat too ;)

  10. I live and i mean live for any and all post about princess sophia. Good luck in your marathon you will kill it!



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