Thursday, March 29, 2012

Thursday Ramblings

This is me this morning.
Disheveled x2.
It's been one of those mornings where you wake up late,
rush to get ready,
expect to have your make-up in your car so you can do death defying tricks on your way to work,
to then find out that you don't have said make-up and it's too late to turn back.
So I scrounged around in the ol' purse and found some dried-out mascara and some chapstick
so I wouldn't scare the co-workers too bad.
This was the best I could do.
You're welcome for sharing.

Needless to say, today is like my Friday!
Come 5pm, I am free and Palm Springs bound!
Which is a good thing, because it's quite depressing looking out my work window today:

{Pretty exotic view of the freeway, eh?}

I can't wait to trade in the San Diego "gloom" for some Desert rays:

I think I'm even going to finally bust out the Big Girl camera
and try to take some pictures this weekend.
{Though I'm still convinced I take much better pictures via Instagram.}

You all have a lovely weekend yourselves.
See ya on the flip side!


Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Happy Birthday, Roomie!

We really love our Asian peace signs for pictures.

Yesterday was Roomie's 26th birthday!
She had been in Washington with family all weekend
and was scheduled to fly in to the airport at 10:45pm.

If any of you follow my Instagram,
then you'd know we aren't the cleanest of people.
And that on most days, our kitchen sink looks like this:

So I had the brilliant idea to earn the
"Best Roommate in the World" award.
My plan was to do the dishes,
do some laundry, 
and clean up the tornado of a mess in the living room.

Yet somehow....
I got extremely distracted.
With what, you ask?

Well... Friends was on,
a Cosmo magazine was to be read,
a ginormous plate of spaghetti was to be eaten, and well,
what would be the point of doing dishes before that if I was just going to dirty them up again??

So once all of that was done,
I had 2 hours to complete my cleaning duties.
And that's where the iPad came in and ruined it all.
I spent those 2 hours playing some "Magic Piano" app,
making music with Mozart. 
Mozart, people!
I think if you could have heard the music that was being created,
you'd fully understand why those dishes never got done.

Before I knew it, I was pulled out of my musical trance 
with a call from Roomie that she had just landed.

So that's that.
Somehow I don't think I got the "Best Roommate in the World" award.
But at least she got cool gifts?

She's a candy whore,
so she was pretty stoked to see all of her favorite "Hard-to-Find" 90's candy.

Plus a gift card to Victoria's Secret.
Now what girl wouldn't be excited about that?

Happy Birthday, Jen!
I love you!
(even if the dishes don't show it.)


Tuesday, March 27, 2012

On being a Pro Marathon Trainer..

Sometimes, you've got to look at your marathon training self,

and give it one of these looks:

Then instead of running 5 miles on your scheduled
Monday night...

You order Pizza Hut and crack open some Beers.

But just sometimes...


Monday, March 26, 2012

Weekend Recap

Hey there, Friends.
I'm sitting at my desk, looking out my window, to see that it's a very gloomy Monday.
Which makes me even more antsy for this week to be over so I can hurry up and get to Palm Springs!

I hope you all had a great weekend.
Wanna hear about mine?
If you don't, too bad. Here I go:

Since this marathon training has kicked in,
Friday nights are really the only nights The Dizz and I can "go all out."
So what does "going all out" entail?
Why Nintendo Wii tournaments, 
wearing nothing but our underwear...obviously.
Which let me tell you...
that paired with a shot of vodka whenever you lose a match
is pretty much a recipe for a successful evening (that ended promptly at midnight).
Fortunately for me, I'm amazing at Tennis.
Unfortunately for me, V-Dizz is amazing at Bowling.

I came across this new site called Design Darling.
And darling it is.
You see that little tree up there?
It's this cute little 16" tree that up until it was delivered this weekend,
I thought was fake.
But alas, it's real!
And it only requires a spritz of water once a month.
Which, is pretty much perfect for me, seeing as 
plants + me = DEATH.

Sunday was the dreaded 14 mile run.
Surprisingly wasn't too bad.
The rain stayed away long enough for us to finish and get home to bed.
Which, you should know the routine by now, involved:
Sleep + Lost + Food.
We finally dragged our stiff, sore legs out of bed and headed on over to the Classy
I got the new Parmesan crusted Steak with cheese-filled rigatoni.
It was heavenly.
And seeing as I burned about 1400 calories that day,
I had zero hesitancy when it came to going to get a McFlurry afterwards.

So that's all. Very exciting, I know.
Have an awesome Monday!


Friday, March 23, 2012

Friday Ramblings - Pinterest Style

Last night, V-Dizzle busted out his high tech computer skills and turned 
Zeus knows I don't know how to do those things,
so for that, I am extremely grateful.
Thanks, da best!
I now feel like I'm com.

Yesterday I tried to see what all the fuss was over Pinterest.
Because apparently I'm the last person on Earth to jump on that bandwagon.
So let me get this straight.
It's a site for strictly pictures.
And then you can "re-pin" the pictures? And then what?
Am I missing something?
Because the only thing that came out of that web peruse was me wanting to buy a bunch of things like:

This $237 bag from Boticca.
How do I know it's $237?
Because the raging Shopaholic in me immediately went to their site to purchase said bag
 only to quickly realize that they're sold out.


So you see?
I'm having a hard time trying to figure out how a site full of pretty things
can be good for someone like me.
Someone with zero willpower when it comes to purchasing new things.
And friends, I am very good at justifying my "need" for almost anything.
Enlighten me.
Maybe I'm just not understanding it.

I hope you all have a fantastic weekend.
Anyone want to run 14 miles with me and The Dizz?
'Cause that's what we'll be doing.
Be jealous.


Thursday, March 22, 2012

Yesterday was a good day...

The Dizzle and I went on a 5 mile run along PCH
and finished at the grocery store to pick up ingredients for dinner.

V-Dizzle said he found a recipe.....on Pinterest.
Let me just point out that I don't even use Pinterest.
So yeah...Don't ask, it was baffling to me too.
{Ok fine. In his defense, he said he was doing some "marketing research." Mm hmmm. Sure.}

Anyway, upon entering the grocery store,
one of their employees came up to me and said,
"Dang girl, you been losing some weight??"
A) Let me remind you, I have yet to lose a single pound from this marathon training.
B) How the heck does she even know who I am?
And C) Does this mean I was a giant prior to this training?

Moving on.
Once we got back to my place, ingredients in tow,
V-Dizzle set out chips, salsa, and homemade gauc for me to eat.
So I cracked open a beer, turned on an episode of Friends, and opened up the latest Cosmo magazine.
I think I maybe half-heartedly offered to help,
but he just seemed to be enjoying himself so much, 
I didn't want to deny him the pleasure of cooking alone.
{Bless that heart of gold he has.}

The chicken flautas were Uh.May.Zing.
Check out the recipe here.
Super easy, fairly quick, and really yummy.
{Just try not to fill up too much on chips beforehand.}

After we stuffed ourselves senseless,
we went to bed and had one of those really good, just the two of us, talks.
You know what I mean..
Talks about goals, life, inspiring things...
and then somehow the last 1/2 hour was spent recording funny faces on his iPhone.
But anyway.
It was nice. Very nice. :)

Happy Thursday, Friends!
One more day till the weekend!!
Whoop Whoop!


Wednesday, March 21, 2012

After 8 months of finally happened.

V-Dizzle's view of Downtown San Diego...Lucky B.

Yesterday morning, my alarm went off at 7:15am, like it usually does.
I grunted, hit snooze, then cuddled up to V-Dizz, like I usually do.
After finally managing to drag myself out of bed,
I went into his bathroom {door cracked open because we're cool like that} to relieve the ol' bladder.
Like. I. Always. Do.
Except this particular morning, my nose was a little runny.
So naturally, with nothing else to do mid-stream, I grab some TP and blow my nose.
No big deal, right?
I sort of maybe blew too hard because it's quite possible I somehow kind of farted.
I thought maybe I got away with it until I heard from the bedroom,
I quickly denied it.
People, I have mastered the art of never farting in front of this man!
Because, I'm classy. 
And I don't do least to his knowledge.
How could I be so careless?!
His laughter got louder with each second that passed (no pun intended).

I quickly got ready for work, kissed him goodbye, and thought it was the end of that moment
and we'd never have to talk about it again.
Until this sweet chat popped up at work:

So that's it. It's happened.
8 months of being the perfect girl that never passes gas,
and in a quick moment of blowing my nose,
it was all taken away from me.

And let us never speak of this moment again.


Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Master Chucky is going to make me a STAR.

See that man with his leg kicked high in the air?
That's Chucky.
He's the security guard for the Albertson's grocery store Downtown.
He's the man who, up until yesterday, never said a word to me.

Oh, but then yes. It happened. And I must share with you the awesomeness of it all.

Mish standing at the end of aisle 4, 
staring into the abyss as she tries to remember what she came for in the first place.

Chucky approaches.

Chucky: What are you looking for?
Mish: Oh, I'm actually just trying to figure out what I need.
Chucky: I know what you need.

Chucky then whips out his business card
with the exact same "High Kick" pose as seen above and hands it to Mish.

Chucky: I make films. Martial Arts films. I'm actually doing one in Seaport Village right now.
We could use someone like you.
Mish: Oh, well! I am I'd probably be pretty good.
{Uncomfortable laughter at her joke, because that's what she does in nervous situations.}

Chucky and Mish depart ways.
60 seconds later, Chucky magically reappears.

Chucky: You know, Jackie Chan's manager is one of my good friends.
Check me out on YouTube.
I'm doing some big things.
Big Things!
Check it out.....

Chucky then proceeds to push a grocery cart away and Mish is left there smiling and dumbfounded.

Fast forward to Mish in aisle 7, perusing the different spices.
Chucky, with Ninja like motions, quickly walks by while trying to convey once more his status:

Chucky: I'm also working with Will Smith...

And with those words, Chucky disappears once more....never to be seen again.

And that, my friends, was my Monday afternoon at the grocery store.
The End.


Monday, March 19, 2012

Weekend Recap

I've got a sneaking suspicion that all of my "Weekend Recaps"
for the next 2 1/2 months (aka until this marathon training is over), will consist of

A) Complaining about running
B ) Eating large portions of anything I can get my hands on
C ) Sleeping and/or being glued to my bed

Please know, 
I will understand if you choose to never read another one of my weekend posts again
until this marathon is over with.
76 more days, people. 76 more effing days.

So for the remaining stragglers who have stuck around to hear about my weekend...
you must really love me.
And to that I shall say, I love you too. Dearly.

I hope you all had a fun St. Patrick's Day.
We went to a bar Downtown filled with many green-wearing, sloppy drunk folks.
Oh what I would have given to have been a part of that mess.
But no...
It was a 2 beer limit for us marathon trainers (see? I told you you'd get sick of hearing about this).
We then traded in the beer and got drunk off some organic Echinacea tea.
And when I say drunk, I really mean calm and sleepy and "passed out" at 10pm in preparation for our morning run.

Let me tell you:
Running 13 miles without the cheering bystanders and free roadside drinks
is not nearly as fun when those cheers are replaced by howling winds
and the drinks are replaced with hail and rain.
running 13 miles is running 13 miles.
And if that means the only reason that gets me out of bed is to eat a Double Double from In 'N Out,
to which I then go straight back to bed to sleep and/or play Draw Something with V-Dizzle 
who's about 1 foot away from me,
then shoot, that's what I'm going to do.
And no one can argue otherwise, am I right?

Happy Monday, Friends!


Friday, March 16, 2012

Gloomy Friday

Port of San Diego

It's a gloomy and rainy Friday, with rumors it'll last all weekend!
Normally, I'd be okay with that.
Cuddling in bed all day with the sound of rain outside?
Sounds quite nice actually, doesn't it?

Oh, except if you're me.
Who has to run 13 miles, rain or shine.
I'm really beginning to resent you, Dear Marathon.
Yes, as of today: You suck. Big Time.

So, Friends...
Enjoy those warm beds for me.
Enjoy staying inside, nice and dry.
And Enjoy your non-shin-splinted legs.


Thursday, March 15, 2012

You know that Bitch named Karma?

I think she's out to get me.
Let me explain.
Yesterday, Vicki and I went to a really good Greek restaurant for lunch.
Country Kabob #2, to be exact.
The food was amazing and they gave ginormous portions.

Now, normally, I'm not a leftovers person.
In fact, I kind of hate them.
But for Country Kabob #2? I was willing to make an exception.

So fast forward to yesterday evening,
I had just parked and was walking up to V-Dizzle's place, leftovers in tow.
My mouth watering just imagining that Greek goodness that would soon be devoured for my dinner.

When all of a sudden, this man approached me, eyes on my prize.
He sort of looked like this. 
You know...sweet, nice...and hungry?

He then said these four words to me:
"Do you have leftovers?"

To which I didn't even hesitate to reply:
"Oh, I'm sorry. I'm actually already giving them to someone else..."

Go ahead.
Judge me.
I freaking lied to the hungry homeless man!
I couldn't give my leftover Greek goodness to him because I was giving them to "someone else"?!
Yeah, that "someone else" is ME!

I'm ashamed, I really am.
But before you completely write me off and hate me,
let me just remind you of that one time I selflessly paid for that one guy's Subway.
So maybe they cancel each other out and Karma won't come and curse me?

I'm pretty sure I'm going to have to spend my Thursday doing random acts of kindness 
to anyone around in order to make up for this one.

{And because it would be horrible of me to say, I will not tell you how amazing those leftovers tasted.}


Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Apparently I used to be chubby...

Yesterday, I went to Fasha's office to get an adjustment {he's a chiropractor}.
You know him...this gem of a Korean:

And just for a refresher, this is Princess Sophia, who was also there.
A.K.A. My Dad's "non-English speaking" wife.

From the moment I walked into that office,
Princess Sophia was staring me down.

Please note: Though I grew up with a Korean Father, 
I do not speak Korean.
Sad, but true.

So this is basically what I heard come out of Princess Sophia's mouth:
"Blah blah blah blah blah blah."
Then I look at Fasha and he responds with,
"Blah blah marathon blah blah boyfriend blah blah"

Naturally, I was baffled due to the language barrier.
So I asked Fasha to kindly translate what was just said.
He tells me that Princess Sophia said that I was looking very thin.
To which he explained to her that I'm currently training for a marathon with my boyfriend.
My head began to grow with the "compliment"...
until I was quickly shut down with Fasha's straight-faced remark:
"Yeah, you're not as chubby as you looked before."
Gee. Thanks, Dad.
Mind you, I have not lost a single pound since starting this marathon.
Not.A.Single.Pound people!
And I'm pretty sure I just saw them a mere 3 weeks ago.
What the crap?

Anyway, the rest of the visit went on with Sophia saying how I needed to use more sunblock because I was getting too tan and looked like a farmer...
Or something like that.
I zoned out after the chubby comment.

Oh Koreans...aren't they charming in their blunt and cutting ways?

Happy Wednesday, Friends ;)

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

San Diego Half Marathon - The Low Down

So as you know (or don't), V Dizzle and I have been training for a marathon.
Please note: Prior to this training, 
I could barely run 2 miles without feeling like my heart would explode from my chest 
and I would succumb to a very quick and painful death.
I am not, I repeat, not a runner by any means.
Yet, somehow, here I am.
Training to run 26.2 whopping miles.
{Don't ask my why. I'm still trying to figure that out myself.}

This past Sunday was the San Diego Half Marathon.
According to our training schedule, we had to run 12 miles anyway,
so we figured why not jump in on the half with the rest of the crazy San Diegans
that wanted to wake up at the butt crack of dawn and run 13.1 miles.
{Writing that sentence confused me too. Try to keep up.}

Sunday morning at 7:20am (which really felt like 6:20am, thank you daylight savings),
we made our way to the starting line...

Sans Bib Numbers 
{because maybe we're cheap and lazy and didn't pay}

There they were: All of the paying patrons getting their run on.
We had to make our move and we had to make it quick.
We sneakily made our way into the crowd with not a second glance our way.
Stealth like ninjas is what we were, really.
We were off and feeling good!
{Feeling good enough to take a crappy iPhone picture, apparently.}

They had banners at every mile letting us know our progress.
Believe it or not, that actually helped a lot.
Being surrounded by hundreds of runners,
seeing random strangers cheering us on,
it was extremely motivating and made the entire thing go by quickly.
I know, it was surprising to me too.

At about mile 11, I took a little video.
Don't let the heavy breathing fool you, I was actually feeling pretty good.

When it was done, they corralled everyone in to the Petco Park baseball stadium.
Everyone except us.
A big scary security man flailed us down shouting, "Where's your bib?! Where's your bib?!"
Needless to say, we didn't get to join in on the fun festivities that were had with the paying patrons.
But that's okay. 
We were ecstatic anyway and celebrated on our own terms
via Bud Light and a 3 hour nap.

Note to V-Dizzle:
Good job, Boo.
I'm so very proud of us!
Even though we're only halfway there and today's 3 miles had us hobbling like a bunch of 80 year olds,
I am still happy willing to be doing this alongside of you.
I think accomplishing this little milestone will give us enough motivation to go all the way.
Right? Right.

Happy Tuesday, everyone :)

Monday, March 12, 2012

Weekend Recap

You see that first picture up there?
You know...
The one where you're basically extremely jealous because
I'm 20 stories high in 73+ degree weather overlooking Downtown San Diego?
Yeah, don't be.
It was because of those circumstances that I turned into a BRIGHT.RED.LOBSTER.
If you need a visual, let me remind you of this post.

In other weekend happenings,
The Dizz and I made our way over to Which Wich.
And I think I've made the executive decision that it is now our favorite sandwich place.
If you live anywhere near one, I suggest you get on that. Stat.
And if you don't, then put it on your bucket list to make it there. Stat.

I also made a point to go to McDonald's this weekend.
All for those glorious McFlurry's that I had forgotten about since the 9th grade.
And clearly it was exciting enough for me to talk about in a blog post 
and put up a ginormous picture of one.
And that's all I have to say about that.

Yesterday was the big half marathon extravaganza.
To which I think I shall save for a post all on its own.
Stay tuned.
I'm sure you're all dying in anticipation. ;)

Hope you all had a grand weekend!
Let's hope this Monday flies by.


Friday, March 9, 2012

Friday Ramblings

First off, thank you to all who were very supportive yesterday.
It definitely brightened up my day. :)

You know what else brightened my day?
Pandora. 'N Sync style.

Why thank you, Justin. You're right.
God must have spent a little more time on me.

Soon after this serenade,
Britney took me back to the 7th grade 
where making up dances at recess to Hit Me Baby One More Time was
basically your rite of passage.
And well, how could you not feel good after that memory?

I hope everyone has a fantastic weekend.
As for me?
The San Diego 1/2 marathon is this Sunday,
so I think V-Dizz and I are going to run it. 
(Ha. Yeah, right.)
Have we signed up for it?
Why pay $100+ when it's a mere 2 blocks from my house
and we can just hop right into the herd?
We're such rebels, I know.
Plus, according to our marathon training schedule,
this weekend we have to run 12 miles anyway,
so we might as well shoot for that extra 1.1 mile and get a little taste of what the real thing will be like.
Right? Right.
Wish me luck (Zeus knows I need it).


Thursday, March 8, 2012

Rambling on this Thursday of mine...

I've been kind of "off" this week.
And maybe it's because of "that time of the month,"
but something just feels different and I'm not quite sure why.
So excuse me while I ramble a bit.

It's not as though I have anything to complain about,
because Zeus knows I have so much to be thankful for, I really do.
But I'm sitting here and I just have a feeling that this isn't where I want to be.

I'm going to be 26 in a few short months.
That's not old by any means, but it's an age where, more than ever,
I've been asking myself what I want to do with my life.
I've done the "climb the corporate ladder" thing since I was 18,
but I could never stay at a company for more than two years because I got bored
and always felt like there was something more out there for me.
I try to think about what I'm "good" at or what makes me happy,
but then I'm left with a blank canvas and I'm not quite sure what to put on it.

My mind keeps going back to travelling.
That's what I want.
Leave my job, grab what little things I have, and go see the world.
I want to do it now, not when I'm 65 and retired, because 
A) who knows if I'll even be alive at 65
B) I'd much rather have my youth and energy when doing such things like seeing the world and
C) the mere thought of working in an office for the next 40 years of my life is severely depressing to me.
So I keep asking myself, "Why not?"
What's holding me back from doing what I would love to do?
I read all of these blogs about (young) people who are doing it.
And instead of sitting here, at my desk everyday, reading about it,
shouldn't I be doing it as well?

I want this to by my map one day.


Wouldn't that be nice?
Yeah, I think so too.
I want the simple life.
You know...
V-Dizz in one hand, a latte in the other and a new place to see around every corner.
{P.S. I've never had a latte in my life, but it sounds like it could be nice.}

Anyway, that's all I've got.
Any suggestions on how to make that happen?


Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Yes, I'm talking about my armpits today...

I got a lot of questions yesterday when I posted this gem of a picture 
(and when I say a lot, I really mean three).

Yesterday, I went in for another laser hair removal treatment over at Dermacare.
For my pits. Or my underarms for you classy folk.
This was my 5th treatment; one more to go.
Thought I'd share with you a little 411 on my experience thus far.

I recommend only doing it if you can find a Groupon.
Which nowadays, you can find just about every week.
It was only $99 for me.
Without the Groupon, I've seen it cost anywhere from $400+ depending on the area.
Which, in by book, is not worth that.

Pain Levels:
Visit 1: I could barely feel a thing! Sort of like a rubber band snap every now and then.
Visit 2: Hurt like a MOTHER.
I'm talking deep, sharp, stab-you-in-the-armpit-with-a-knife kind of pain.
Visit 3, 4, & 5: They offered to ice them prior, which helped a lot!
(Where was this offer for visit 1 & 2?!)

Each visit literally takes about 60 seconds of actual laser time.
{So even if it does hurt, it's a very short amount of time}
Length of time between each visit is 6-8 weeks.
So you're looking at about 7-9 months from start to finish.

You'll notice a change after the first visit, so that's a plus.
After 5 visits, I'm only having to shave about 1-2 times/week.
And even then, there really isn't much to shave.
However, even after all visits, unfortunately hair does eventually grow back (though thinner).
Maybe I just have some super human strength hair,
but this is the second time that I'm doing this,
so clearly my hair grew back after that first go around.

Last Thoughts:
Do I think it's worth it? Only if you can find yourself a discount.
 If not, I personally don't think it's worth the full price they're charging.
I've only done the armpit area, so I'm curious to know what it's like for other areas.
{Let me know if you've done this and what your experience was!}

I wish I had the cash flow (and pain tolerance) for everything under my eyes.
Everything but the head and eyebrows just seems highly unnecessary.
Am I right??

And that's all.
I'm sure your lives are much more complete knowing about my armpits.
You're welcome.


Tuesday, March 6, 2012

I guess it's that time again...

I actually Googled this topic this morning as I was sitting at my desk,
filled with feelings of annoyance and irritation:

Everything is causing a great emotional roller coaster for me over the last day or two.
Please, let me indulge you:

1. I just about had a raging meltdown when it took me 20 minutes to find
parking at V-Dizzle's last night.
To which, I lovingly replaced our "hug and kiss" greeting with a poetic
"I hate your fucking parking" comment paired with a psychotic twitch in my eye.
He obviously should have prepared for my arrival and set out orange traffic cones
to reserve me a parking spot hours in advance. Duh.

2. Everything in last night's Lost episode was making me cry.
Lost, people.
Need I remind you that this show is 8 years old and about creepy island happenings.
Nothing about that should be making me cry.

3. I got upset when V-Dizzle offered to make me breakfast this morning,
and I couldn't decide what I wanted,
so instead I had to go to Bruegger's Bagels.
The nerve of him.

4. I just got off the phone with someone who's name is Gita Gupta.
There's no real point to this one other than to say she just irritated me.

So you can see why maybe I wanted some answers as to why I'm acting like a raging psycho.
Google didn't come up with anything that sufficed,
so of course that just made things worse.

However, I did come across an article titled:
"How do you handle a girl during her period?"
According to a Billy Hill, he says,
"Stay away from her. She's psychotic and legally not responsible for her actions."
It seems this Billy Hill is a smart man.

While I'm having a few moments of normalcy after this rant, 
I feel as though I should take this time to say:

Dearest Verner,
I apologize for my raging bitch ways.
You're pretty awesome for putting up with it and being so patient with me.
When I get that psychotic look in my eye again
and try to make everything your fault because somehow that's the easiest thing to do at the time,
just try to ignore it and remember that that's not the real me.
That's just the crazy girl that will soon die and be gone in a few days.

I love you.

The Real Michelle (not Crazy Connie)


Monday, March 5, 2012

Weekend Recap

You know it's a good weekend when it involves 
being blindfolded by your sexy lover for a surprise date,
to then find yourself at George's at the Cove in La Jolla!
An amazing view of the ocean and even more amazing food.
I highly recommend the Butternut Squash Bruschetta & the Steak Frites.
{Which btw, I quickly learned is not pronounced "Free-Tays."}

However, the next time you get the idea to go Downtown
and get a drink from, oh i don't know, about 16 different bars,
just be warned:
Your Saturday will be spent literally all day in bed alternating between sleeping and watching Lost.
{Which actually, minus the pounding headache, doesn't sound so bad, I guess.}

Sunday was 1000x more productive:
"Quick" 6 mile run,
followed by an hour at the gym getting my Arnold on (who am i?),
then many glorious hours spent on my favorite rooftop bar
in 80 degree weather with V-Dizzle, Roomie, and friends.
Have I mentioned how much I love San Diego?

Hope your weekend was great! :)

Friday, March 2, 2012

Friday Ramblings


Dear Fiber Plus Bars,
You are the DEVIL.
Your chocolatey, peanut buttery ways make you so hard to resist during my long work days.
And then you come SNEAK ATTACK me like a ninja in the night
half-way through my INTENSE marathon training run.


Clearly, we talk about VERY important things while in 'da' shower.
And clearly, I am somehow all about Wiz Khalifa these days.
And that's all I have to say about that.


I think it's time you had that baby.
He/She has been in there for about 11 months now.


I hope you all have a fantastic weekend.
See ya on the flip side.


Thursday, March 1, 2012

#Instagram - March Photo A Day

Shall we do this again?
Join me!

It's the Final Countdown...

I don't know about you guys,
but if I didn't have things to look forward to,
I'd probably drown in my misery as I sat for 8 hours at work, 5 days a week.
{Okay, my life isn't that miserable, but you get the point.}

I'm a big counter-downer and a big list maker.
Not that you care, but I'm about to do both.

Cue music.

Europe by The Final Countdown on Grooveshark

Up and Coming:

29 days until a weekend in Palm Springs!
Which, mind you, will be the very first "getaway" for me and the Dizz.

{I apologize for exploiting you in this picture, Boo, 
but it was merely so I could make a point on how excited I am.}

65 days until a trip to Korea!
My brother is getting married and I can't wait!
The last (and only) time I went was when I looked like this:
{Clearly, I was a stone-cold-not-awkward-at-all-FOX.}

And that's all I have to say about that.

94 days until the Rock n Roll Marathon!
Not that I'm necessarily excited to run 26.2 miles,
but I'm definitely excited to say that it's OVER.
And every day of training,
every grueling mile ran,
is one less day and one less mile.
So you bet your sweet ass I am counting down the days.

What are you guys counting down to?



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