Thursday, February 16, 2012

Your day's not off to the greatest start

when the first thing someone says to you is,
"Are you sick? Because you look sick."

Gee. Thanks.

I even put make-up on today.
Clearly, that didn't help.

Pro Tip:
Don't ever tell someone they look sick.
Even if they look like this:


Because then they'll still look like that
and now feel even worse.

Happy Thursday!


  1. haaaaa!!!!! I know My mom yesterday was like " you look tired" I was like gee thanks thats the nice way of saying you look like shit! haaaaaa

    If you are under the Weather hope you feel better

  2. Oh my gosh, so true!! I just laugh when people say that to me. Hope you're having a great Thursday. It's almost the weekend! eee! xx

  3. Ewwww....just makes me want to wipe the snot right off that poor little baby's face!

  4. THIS IS SOOO TRUE! well said.
    and that picture is so sad. poor kid.



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