Monday, February 13, 2012

Weekend Highlights

A Raisin in the Sun: 
Two thumbs up. 
If you can find it near you, I highly recommend you go see this play.
Only Con? 
P. Diddy never made it to the stage. 
I know, I was bummed too.

Boyfriends are nice.
Boyfriends with muscles and power tools are even nicer.
Now I have shelves in my room!
Thank you, V-Dizzle, for letting me lay on the bed and alternate
between watching Lost and watching your muscles.
You're a gem. Really, you are.
And thanks to Amira for telling me where to find these lovely shelves!

So here we are.
Monday again.
Let's make it a good one, shall we?



  1. The shelves look great on your newly painted wall :) Have a great day and thank V for me for taking such good care of you :)



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