Monday, February 20, 2012

Sunset Cliffs

Happy Monday, friends!
How was your weekend? 

95% of my Saturday was spent in bed watching reruns of Lost.
Because I'm that cool and they've recently discovered The Hatch, people!
How could you not be enticed with that?
And yes, maybe i'm 8 years behind... 
But better late than never, right?

The other 5% was spent at Sunset Cliffs with V-Dizzle.
Because though he loves him some Lost as well, I think he was going a bit stir crazy.
Apparently, he just doesn't have the dedication like me.

The fresh air was exhilarating.
The views were amazing.
It was like I had been cooped up in a 10x10 room for 6 straight hours or something.

After pretending to be a scenic photographer for a bit,
a little photo shoot seemed called for.

I call these two, "The High School Senior"

"The  Sultry Tiger"
(Sexy, I know.)

"The Classic Awkward Pose"

"The Oh-No! I'm Falling!"

Aaannndddd, I'm a dork.

And then we got our Cheesy Hats on and made the classic
"Heart in Sand" drawing.
The man has yet to say those three little words.
So I guess this will just have to do ;)

Have a great Monday!


  1. Hahaha! Love your poses! Especially the sultry tiger. Sexxxxy!!!!

  2. Love chesseNess! No I love you yet?!!??!

    how could he not :)

  3. You are super hilarious - and I'm kind of (really) excited I just found your blog :) Love the awkward senior photo pic - too funny!

    The Other Side of Gray

  4. Haha you are so cute! Loving the scenery by the way... makes me wanna book a ticket to the west coast right NOW.

  5. Bahahah! Those poses are great...sultry tiger suits you girl ;)

    Yay for cheesiness!!! One step closer to those three little words.

  6. You are adorable and what pretty pictures!!! Such a FUN blog, so glad I stumbled upon it! :)

  7. My husband and I just started watching LOST on Netfli last week! I'm obsessed as well :) I seriously look forward to an episode or two every night after dinner.

  8. YOU ARE SO FUNNY!!!!!!!!!! I LOVE YOUR POSES!!! I am so excited to follow your adventures from here on out. You are too funny.

  9. i do love me some senior photo shoots. :]



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