Wednesday, February 22, 2012

My Date with Easton

Meet Easton:

He belongs to my friend Vicki.
Yesterday, Vicki had an appointment to look at her growing fetus.
That's right folks, she's PREGGERS!!
Kind of a big deal.
Go here to read about all of the "fun" she's having!

She felt bad that she wouldn't be able to get home early enough to take Easton out for a walk.
I'm sort of an amazing friend.
So, naturally, I offer to head over after work and walk him for her. I put his leash on and step outside for our walk.
I quickly realized that I haven't walked a dog in...oh, I don't know,
clearly too many years to remember.
Things have changed since back in my dog-walking days.
I believe it's unacceptable now to leave dog's poop on the ground, am I correct?

As he's walking me along,
of course he decides to do his business in plain view
just as a perfect family of 3 walk by to see.
So of course I pretend to be looking at my phone and not acknowledge the obvious dog squat.
And of course I'm actually really just taking a picture of him.
Because, hey...that's what I do.

So he's done.
And I'm standing there staring at it.
And I was this close to leaving it.
But the perfect family saw! They were only a few feet away! I couldn't NOT pick it up, right?
So then I did.
And it wasn't pleasant (is it ever?).
I mean, clearly Easton isn't exactly the smallest dog in the world.
So you can imagine the rest.
(If not, don't worry, I have visuals.)

So then I'm that girl.
Walking a dog with a bag of poop in my hand.
Because I didn't know what to do with it.
I couldn't just throw it in some random person's trash can.
What if they saw me do it?
I couldn't just throw it in the bushes, because then that would just defeat the whole purpose.
So I walked about two more blocks and decided the walk was done.
I'm sorry, Easton.
It just wasn't the same once that bag entered the picture.

Back at Vicki's, poop still in tow,
my awesome friend skills kicked in again.
I was kind enough not to take it into her home and stink up her inside trash can 
(because what kind of person would do that?).
So I carefully placed it on her porch rocking chair.
Easton seemed pleased with that idea too.
You're welcome, Vicki.

The walk was strenuous,
and we were tired.
So instead of torturing him with a game of catch or tug-o-war,
we decided Grey's Anatomy was far more important for our health.
So that's what we did.
Don't worry, it may look like he's not watching,
but he was definitely listening intently.

So, Vicki.....
The answer is, "Yes."
I will watch Easton again. 
You don't even have to ask.



  1. This is hilarious!! I love that you put the dog poop on the porch. Perfect.

    And honestly, I think I would've awkwardly stayed until the family walked by, and THEN not have picked up the poop. I'm an awesome person.

  2. Haaaaaa. I love you and I love easton. You two are the perfect pair and I would never want to deny you time together. You can walk him everytime...i mean, anytime. ;) xo

  3. NOOO the visual!! hahah is that even possible! I thought I had it bad with my yorkie!

  4. HAHAHA, you have truly captured the beauty and dilemna of walking a dog, perfectly. They always poop when there's someone walking by, making you feel like you HAVE to pick it up. Then you walk along awkwardly with this steaming bag of poop. I am now at the stage where I will throw it away in the first person's trashcan that I see.

  5. YOU ARE TOO FUNNY! love this story. i hate picking up dog poo too. i dont think ive done it in years. we've been thinking about a dog but this story reminds me of why i dont want one.

  6. Aghhhh! So much poop! Isn't it like a natural fertilizer or something? Why can't we just leave it? ...oh yeah. Cause then I step in it and want to never wear those shoes again! Kudos to you: you good friend/responsible human:-) xoxo

  7. omg.... seriously all the things I go through and my thoughts you have captured well in this post!

    Who is watching? That means I really DO need to pick up the crap! .... where do I throw this? there's someone's trash... but now who's gonna see me be so nervy to throw it away in a non-public can?... and the walk is plenty exercise... now it's ME time!!

    Happy Wednesday!

  8. thanks so much for visiting my blog! you are going LOVE that marathon of yours. when are you doing it?? and where?

    i felt rocking during almost the whole thing with the exception of my feet, which began aching around mile 10. i didnt have to pee once and it took me just over 4 hours to complete. i was going at a pretty good clip the first 20 but then the last 6 just KILL you. be prepared for that. i had some friends run those last few with me so i could have some encouragement.

    And i will definitely be doing one again! GOOD LUCK!

  9. Easton seemed DEF pleased at the Idea!
    he is such a cutie Dog!
    not down for the Pop thing! lol

  10. Easton is so freakin' cute.

    And I would totally use any person's trash to get rid of that warm stank.

  11. He is the cutest! Even when pooping haha :) ANd I love that you awkwardly left the bag of poo on a chair. Awesome.

    The Other Side of Gray

  12. 1. You are amazing.
    2. I love that you took a picture of his poop. I was thinking "will she take one" when I started reading and you never let me down.
    3. Everytime I walk Monster and she poops I turn the other way and play on my phone...and dont pick up the poop :)
    4. You are amazing.

  13. Hey Easton is really so cute and I hope he or she would be obedient also...I also have a pet a bit same like Easton and I really love him a lot and we usually go for a walk every evening...

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