Friday, February 17, 2012

Costco is hindering my marathon training.

Training for a marathon is some tough stuff.
You're running anywhere from 20-40 miles/week leading up to the day.
And from what I hear, it's pretty imperative to stick with the schedule if you want a successful marathon run.

I had every intention of running last night.
I really did.

But somehow, instead, I found myself driving to Costco.
I wandered the endless rows of merchandise
and helped myself to the lovely samples served by the elderly.
(Is it just me or are those ladies getting older and older?)

After all of the wandering, I naturally worked up quite an appetite.
So what better than to head on over to the Costco food court?
Hot dogs for $1.50?!
Pizza for $1.00?!
How could one pass up on such great deals?
I know I couldn't.
So I got both.
It would have been wrong not to.

As if that wasn't enough to derail me from my night of fitness,
I headed over to Vicki's house and devoured a chocolate cupcake faster than you could say.......cupcake?

Speaking of Vicki,
she rocked my blogging world last night.
This girl's got Illustrator talents like none other.
I may be Asian, but I am not technologically savvy when it comes to this design stuff.
She made this here blog look pretty fab, don't ya think?

Check out our cool new buttons!
(You should be cool and grab one)


  1. Oh ok, we're post twins today ;)
    Love the blog face lift! Happy Friday, girl! xx

  2. Love the new lay out! It looks awesome!! Have a great weekend!

  3. I just got here from a button from Vicki's blog. Soooo many ways to get here and there now. FUN!

  4. Your blog is cracking me up! I'm completely obsessed. I had to stifle awkward giggles at work whilst reading this. Thank you.


  5. Oh, that pizza! Costco pizza is so good. It must have drugs in it.

  6. omg LOVE costco. awesome that youre training for a marathon. i did one with my sis and our bfs this past fall - the training is TOTALLY worth it, but dont get too worried about missing some days here and there. the whole day carries you a lot in the end. you can read about my experience here if you're so inclined: GOOD LUCK!!!



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