Wednesday, February 15, 2012

The Blood Countess

Awesome food @ Bankers Hill

I can't even begin to describe the awesomely horrific play I saw last night.
It was everything I could have asked for.

Picture this:
Vampires (only distinguished as that by their 2 plastic fangs)
Over-Dramatic Acting (I'm talking reeeaallyyy over the top. Which is clearly the best kind.)
San Diegans attempting Romanian accents by simply rolling their "R's."
Bright pink liquid to which I'm assuming was meant to be blood.
And the list goes on.
Clearly, a recipe for success.

I think my favorite part was when The Vampire Queen's left fang fell out of her mouth mid-sentence
as she was sitting in the bathtub of blood giving her award winning monologue.
She then tried to sneak it back into her mouth by hiding her face in her knees.
Very natural, very sneaky.
But you didn't fool me, didn't fool me.

I think V-Dizzle said it best when describing the greatness of this low-budget play, 
"The moment the vampire DJ started rapping...I knew it was going to be great."

I honestly couldn't tell you what the play was about.
We sat there in that second row, open-mouths, eyes wide,
with not a clue as to what was going on.

It was exactly the kind of entertainment we were looking for.
I think we've found ourselves a new Valentine's Day tradition.


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