Wednesday, February 8, 2012


They're everywhere.
I open Facebook and BAM. Baby nation.
I come to work and BOOM. Another one drank the water.
This is all I seem to be hearing these days:
"We're pregnant!!"
"Look at little Boo Boo eating dirt. Isn't he cute?!"
"Open your email, I sent you 368 pictures of little Niko in the swimming pool!"

Don't get me wrong, I loooove kids.
Really, I do.
They're cuddly, they smell good, you can't help but smile when you're around them,
they're little bundles of joy.
See? Look.
Me + Babies = Happy.

But do you notice one key thing that all of these children have in common?
They're not mine.
So when said cute, cuddly babies become screaming little heathens,
I can happily hand them back to Mamma and be on my merry way.
It's been worked into a craft of mine, really.

I'm not going to lie though,
every now and then I get that "baby itch."
{Sorry V-Dizzle if you're reading this.)
I think to myself, "Wow, what if I had a baby right now? Wouldn't that be neat?"
{I suppose I'd need a willing partner to make that happen, but that's beside the point.}
I then quickly come to my senses,
shake my head, chuckle at myself,
and remember just how selfish I am at 25 years old.
Yeah, I'll admit it.
So then I go to the nearest McDonald's,
sit in a corner,
and watch all the children scream, cry, push & shove,
and I feel better.
{okay, I don't really do that, but maybe I should.}

I'm so, so happy for all of my friends that have/are having babies.
I think it's super cool.
Of course it's amazing that you're bringing new life into this world,
but more importantly:
It lets me get my baby fix taken care of without having to actually do it myself.

So I guess what I'm trying to say is: 
Keep populating, girls.
Because I think it's safe to say: I shouldn't be.
You're doing me and the world a favor.
And we thank you.



  1. My thoughts exactly!!!!! I love to baby sit; I love to see my nieces and nephews. After hours with them I'm excited! I love that I can always give them rite back to there parents.

    Love your confession of “how selfish I am at 25 years old”. Well I am the same just 26 lol and you just keep it real! Loves that!

  2. ha. yes. the ol' baby fix:-) Can't wait for the day Baby Mish comes along! hehe. Well, I can. I'm not planning your life or anything, but it'll probably be the cutest most sweetest baby ever, just saying! Fingers crossed! Until then, keep enjoying the bebes and handing them back to their mamas for those 2AM feedings! xoxo



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