Wednesday, January 18, 2012

We've got a situation...

A car (key) thief situation.

Okay. Here's the scoop.
Try to keep up.

Roomie and I park our cars tandem like this:

And frankly, it's a pain in the butt because if she's behind me and I have to leave,
then that means I have to back her car out first,
jump out of her car,
get in my car
back mine out,
get out of my car,
get back in her car,
park her car,
lock her car,
get back in my car,
and finally drive off.
(I made that sound far more dramatic than it really is, I'm sure. But you get the point.)

So, in order to be able to move each other's cars, 
we exchanged spare keys to keep in our own cars
in case of times like these.
Hers in mine, and mine in hers.

Until today...

This morning, when I went to move her car, I noticed something.
Her spare key was missing from my car.
Then Roomie noticed that her car had been ransacked.
Papers were strewn about,
glove compartment had been opened,
but nothing was stolen EXCEPT:
MY spare key.

Roomie called the Management office
and found out that Unit 602 ALSO had their car broken into last night.
Nothing was stolen EXCEPT:
Their garage door opener.

Did I mention that I live about a block from a Half-way House?
Just saying...

So basically someone out there has 
A) Roomie's car key
B) My car key
C) The opener to our garage

You.Do.The.Math. the end of the day:
I guess this mean's I won't have to go to work tomorrow due to lack of transportation.
(Look at me...always a glass half full kinda gal.)



  1. Oh my goodness, that is so scary!!! Can you get your garage door opener changed stat?? Can you change your car keys or is that the HUGEST hassle??

  2. it's called a gun. and know how to use it.

  3. i can call out and be your moral support in case of said car theft of course ;)

  4. Um, but don't you live really close to a trolley stop, so you could still get to work? Just sayin'. haha

    Hope the note scares that bastard away!

  5. Yikes! That sounds pretty sketchy. It's sort of extra creepy to find out things were vandalized and then realize how selective they were being.

    In other news, you should purchase LoJack immediately! Hello, money in the back when the car gets jacked. Just sayin'.

  6. That is SCARY. And shady.

    Change your key/garage door opener PRONTO!



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