Monday, January 9, 2012

Weekend Recap...The Getty n stuff

Happy Monday, ya'll.
First full week of work in the new year.
::Deep breath::
We can do this.

This past weekend, Verner and I visited the Getty Museum up in L.A.
We even got all Asian/touristy and rented the little headsets that told you info about each exhibit.
Overall Thoughts
Beautiful? Yes.
Worth the 2 1/2 hours of traffic? Eh.
Was the architectural design of the museum sort of better than the actual art? I would say so.
Though L.A. traffic always sucks big ones, the drive was far more bearable with a bit of this goodness:

Here are a few pictures from The Getty.

I'm real mature. I know.

After the Getty, we went to The Grove for some grub.
I used to work at The Grove back in my college days,
so it was nice to visit again.
We ate at Wood Ranch for literally the best "upscale" BBQ of my life.
Or any BBQ for that matter.

Since Saturday was such a jam-packed, tiring day,
Sunday was spent doing a lot of this
(which, in my opinion, was my favorite part of the weekend):

Have a great Monday!

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  1. Where'd you go to college? :) I went to UCLA for undergrad and USC for grad school

    Also I really hope you can make it to the meetup this time :)It's on Feb. 4... and you can read more about it here:



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