Monday, January 23, 2012

Weekend Recap

My weekend was a barrel o' fun, how 'bout yours?
Saturday morning, I went to Ace Hardware (after deciding on a color for my room in about 35 seconds)
and picked me up some Leisure Green paint.
Then, I got to work and painted myself an accent wall, folks.
From afar, it looks pretty pro-status.
Looking up close is where you can clearly tell I am no where near that status.
Who knew I was supposed to tape every edge? 
Who knew I was supposed to take off the light socket covers?
Okay, maybe I did know that but I was just too lazy.
Anyway, once I get some shelves up there, it's going to be the best wall in the room!

I learned a lesson in patience again.
V was supposed to come over "within the hour" on Friday night.
Once the clock told me it had been one hour and 10 minutes,
I started to get impatient (shocker).
And I may or may not have said to him via text:
"You should no longer be allowed to say sentences that involve time."
Then he showed up at my door with really pretty flowers, to which were the reason for his tardiness.
I'm dumb.
He's sweet.
Moving on.

Sunday, before the football shenanigans,
V and I went to Mission Bay and ran 8 miles!
This is a milestone people.
I was so excited when I finished, I couldn't help but pull out my best cheese-stick-eating-pose.
On our way to watch the Patriots/Ravens game (sorry Ravens),
we drove through McDonald's. 
Yes, I know...I'm sure I took 10 minutes off my life.
You see those pictures of V with the two Big Macs?
No, that is not a repeat picture of the same Mac.
Those are two separate Macs that he purchased.
All to himself.
How vile!
How disgusting!
The calories!
The shock!
I, on the other hand, was a health junkie in comparison.
I stuck to the two cheeseburger combo meal with medium fries and a diet Coke, thank you very much.

Happy Monday!


  1. pretty pictures! i had a big mac this weekend and did NOT run 8 miles. you win, again. oh and did you hear the giants won!?!?! yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay

  2. Bahaha. Love your writing style, chica. I've totally done the thing where you get back and accuse husband/SO of something, only to realize they were being totally selfless and doing something awesome for you. Makes me feel preeetty sheepish.

  3. you are awesome ha I love yor stories they remind me totally of me and my girls

  4. LOVE that wall color. Is it like a seafoam green?

    I'm thinking of painting all new colors in my house as well...and it hasn't even been a YEAR yet since I've moved in.

    Kudos to your man on the flowers...they're gorgeous! I understand the whole getting impatient thing. My fiance has the WORST sense of time and is always late to everything and it drives me nuts!!

    Glad you had a good weekend girl!

  5. Love the wall color, love Big Macs, and your legs are soooo thin!!!



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