Monday, January 16, 2012

I've been MIA

I didn't blog Thursday or Friday,
and I know, I'm sure you've all been worried sick.
Fear not, I have returned.
And if you must know the true reason...
well, not to brag or anything...
but I've sort of become a model. Like Top Model status.
Remember when I became famous from my acting debut here?
Well, Lightspeed Tents was so impressed with my skills that they asked me to come back.
That's right.
Ladies and Gentleman,
let me introduce you to Lightspeed's new Sleeping Pad
coming to a Costco near you!
This bad boy will be on all of the big deal.

How natural am I? 
Ya know...just sleeping...without a sleeping bag...or blanket...
Because that's how I camp.
Me...such an avid hotel stayer camper.
I'm sure this picture here will convince all Costco customers to purchase this pad.
Wouldn't you??

Happy Monday, friends!

P.S. Thanks for all the new blog lovin', I'm super stoked to hear from you all! Yay for blogging!

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