Monday, December 5, 2011

Weekend Highlights

V-Dizzle and I ran 4 miles on Saturday!
It's the longest I've been yet.
I'm proud of myself, for sure.
But then again, after I finished that run, 
and I was huffing and puffing within an inch of my life,
I became a bit worried on how I would complete 13.1 miles in just a few short months.
Guess I need to just remember: slow and steady wins the race? (Is that even a saying?)

Saturday afternoon, I took V-Dizz to the airport (again).
He went up North for his best friend's wedding.
So I took advantage of the evening and had me a girl's night.
We went to The Ivy, had some drinks, shook our tail feathers, and made some memories.
It was grand.

Sunday was literally spent
I started feeling guilty and highly unproductive,
so I got up, cleaned the kitchen, then headed straight back to bed.
Roomie got home from L.A. that evening, so we ventured out for a little bit of this:

Then watched a good ol' classic (not really) like this:

Overall, a great weekend.
But I think the two main highlights were when I received these two pictures.
For obvious reasons, of course.
I mean, hellllllo there sir, all dressed up in your tux.
I could get used to seeing that more often, you handsome man, you.
And hellllllo there Fasha, all dressed up like a true Asian tourist.
Your yellow cut-off tank and fedora has literally made me speechless.
You make my heart swell with happiness.
V-Dizz and Fasha are meeting for the first time tomorrow night.
Oh dear me through this one.



  1. Glad you're feeling better and I'm so proud of you for RUNNING!!! That was something I HATED as a kid. Walking is much more my speed :)
    Yep, I agree, V looks great in a suit.



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