Thursday, December 15, 2011

Wrapping Paper Woes

So maybe I'm not the best wrapper in the world.
Which is weird, because I always thought I was pretty good.
But for the last few (or five) years, I got lazy in the wrapping department,
and turned into the buy-a-bag-with-tissue-paper-at-the-last-minute kind of girl.
But this year, yes this year, I decided to step it up.
I got extra classy, went to the grocery store (because frankly, Target was just 2 miles too far),
and purchased one roll of Christmas wrapping paper (who needs diversity?), tape, and a little red ribbon.

I came home, laid out all my supplies on the table, and went to work!
But to my dismay (and maybe it's just because grocery store wrapping paper isn't the highest
quality paper you can get), it was not as easy as I had thought.
The paper kept ripping, the curly cues on the ribbon were not forming into magical
fluffy bows like I had envisioned, I didn't cut enough paper on the first try, so I had to
put pieces together like an ugly quilt.

It then dawned on me...
Maybe this was why I started buying paper bags with tissue paper.
But it had just been so long I had forgotten how horrible I/it was.

Needless to say, the job got done.
Not well.
But done.

I put zero labels on these presents and will have to rely solely on my memory
for whose gift is whose.
And we all know how horrible that is.

Happy Thursday!


  1. zero labels!? you are a risk taker, i say.

  2. Love the paper. So festive :) And, true, grocery store paper sucks!



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