Monday, December 19, 2011

My Weekend

I thought Monday morning would come
and I would have amazing tales to tell you of my weekend.
I thought I could tell you all about my Zoo experience and all of the wonderful animals I saw.

But then I actually went to the Zoo,
saw these poor animals trapped in small cages,
pacing back and forth as though they had succumbed to a life of insanity,
and I thought,
there's no way I can share about something so depressing.

Then I thought, maybe, come Monday,
I could tell you all about my 5-6 mile run that I did.
I could express just how proud of myself I am
and how I can't believe I'm actually a "runner" now.

But then I would be completely lying to you.
All plans of running this weekend went out the window.
I don't know what happened.
Saturday came and went.
Sunday came and went.
Every time running came up in conversation,
something better to do trumped it.

So what did we do instead, you may be wondering?
We watched a lot of movies like this one and this one,
discovered a new Mexican restaurant, made homemade hamburgers,
and talked about running.

Oh yeah...he also made me watch 2 Girls 1 cup.

If you haven't seen it (though I'm pretty sure the entire world, but me, has),
I would like to throw a warning out now.
It's highly disgusting.
And I like disgusting things, normally.
This one was extra special though.

Here are the reactions:

I made him watch that special-ness again.
Wouldn't want him to feel left out.

Happy Monday!

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