Thursday, December 22, 2011

My longest night ever..

I'm gonna go out on a limb here and say that maybe picking the red-eye flight with THREE layovers wasn't the smartest decision I ever made.
I can't even really begin to tell you what thought process happened in me to convince myself that was a good move.
But I can tell you that it's 1:24am and I'm only at my first stop in Phoenix and I'm about ready to punch someone in the face.
Specifically the screaming 2 year old on my flight.
This may sound harsh, yes. She's just a small child, Michelle, give her a break.
I am so tired that I was the girl that fell asleep on the airport floor in Phoenix, Arizona.
The floor.
With one hand looped through my bags for fear of them being stolen and the other hand holding my cell phone with the alarm set for fear of missing my plane.
On to Charlotte, NC.
Screaming baby and all.
I feel for her mother. I really do.
Her mouth says soothing words like, "It's okay sweetheart, we're going to get on the plane soon."
But her eyes are really saying, "I swear to God, you heathen child, if you don't shut the eff up then I will!!!"
Just a theory.

Wish me luck.
Hope you all are sleeping peacefully in your comfortable beds.


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