Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Monday night shenanigans..

Last night, I dusted off the Wii,
and put my mad skills to the test.
Though my warrior move may look like that of a winner,
sadly it did not pan out the way I intended.
V-Dizz beat me. Bad.
It was pretty embarrassing seeing as this was only his second time playing.
I'll get him next time.
Oh yes, I will.

P.S. Is anyone else counting down the days till Christmas?
All I know is that there are only 8 days left till I can say Sayonara to California
and hello to Georgia!
I never thought I would ever look forward to such a scenario in my life.
Things sure do change.

Happy Tuesday!


  1. Ahaha I love the wii! Boys are always better at video games... I think its in their DNA or something. I have been counting the days until Christmas since Thanks giving ;-) XO

  2. hahaha -this looks so fun :)

    your newest follower,




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