Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Holiday Party 2011

This past weekend was my company's annual Holiday Party.
(Apparently, we're not allowed to call it a Christmas party anymore...gotta be all "PC" these days. Whatevs.)
It was held at the owner's home in Mission Hills,
which, if you remember, I am quite familiar with since I house-sat for 3 weeks back in the day.
Drinks were flowing, food was aplenty, and my $22 dress was put to use.

We always do the Gift Exchange (which takes a good 18 hours) at the end of the night.
I brought $25 worth of Scratchers (my go-to).
Which may or may not be one of my favorite things to do in life, as well.

So of course, when it was our turn to pick...
I sort of insisted that V-Dizzle go pick out my own gift that I brought.
Don't judge me.
Unfortunately, after 4 glasses of wine, I let it slip that it was my own gift.
Which then made me a prime target to steal from.
Our stealthy plan, just in case the scratchers were stolen, was to steal the lovely
wine bottle gift set we had laid our eyes on earlier.
So tell me why, when my scratchers were stolen, I immediately pointed at this poor girl and her gift 
and yelled out, "TEQUILA!!!"
I don't even like tequila. I am, one bottle of Don Julio richer.

Anyway, it was a good jump start to put me in the "holiday" spirit.
Hope you guys have some fun parties to attend this month!

Happy Holiday Hump Day.



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