Friday, December 2, 2011

Friday Ramblings

Yep, I'm wearing my Hunters today.
I am prepared for the flack I shall receive from all the non-fashionable people. 
Wait, what?! It's NOT raining?! But I could have sworn I woke up to TORRENTIAL DOWNPOUR!!!
Time to get over it people, the Hunters are here to stay.

V-Dizzle is officially sick. My apologies, love. I shall bring you vitamin C at lunch to make up for it, k?.
(On a side note: You know how they say men are usually big babies when they get sick? Yeah. I spy a baby. And he's big.)

Fasha invited me to his birthday party on Tuesday. Immediately followed with his request that I chip in to purchase him "ostrich cowboy boots."
Nothin' like a full-grown Korean man wearing cowboy boots.
This might as well be Fasha:

Princess Sophia (his wife) then approached me shortly after and desperately tried to say in English
that she wanted me to come to Fasha's birthday party.
It went a little like this:
Immediately followed with:
Yes, Princess. I get it. He wants cowboy boots. And he wants us to pay for them.
Since when is it cool to invite someone to come to your birthday party but adamantly request
money to pay for a birthday present?
Oh yeah...since you were Korean.

Have a great Friday and weekend, dear friends!!
Peace up, A-town down.


  1. Annnnnnd here is where I died laughing.

  2. All my coworkers keep looking at me because I'm reading all your "fasha" posts and CANNOT stop laughing. Oh. I love it. There should be a reality TV show about him.



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