Thursday, December 29, 2011


oh family.
it was so so good to see all of you.
this whole georgia thing is new for all of us, but i think we're making the best of it
and i think we're doing one helluva job.
was it the ideal situation any of us thought about? no.
but we're fortunate that we can all take time off from our busy lives and come together
no matter where it is.
i feel so lucky that we have a family we actually enjoy being around.
sure, there are times when i want to strangle some of you (too harsh?),
but those times are few and far between, i promise.
we get together, and we just laugh and laugh.
mamma, i thought it was sweet whenever you got teary eyed seeing your children all together.
i hope one day we can all be in one place again.
but until then, we will continue making the best of our little situation, won't we?
because that's what families do,
and i'm sure glad i'm a part of one with all of you.
until next time!


p.s. can you believe we only have TWO more days until 2012?!?


  1. you guys are so cute! and your robe looks comfy. i want one...for new years. i need purchasing instructions please.

  2. I didn't think I got teary eyed when ya'll were here, but I sure misted up when I read your blog. I love that you're being so positive about our long distance lives.

  3. The poem reminded me so much of my own family and how much I have been missing them recently because of living away from home. Lovely pictures!.

  4. Family is the most perfect thing to stay safe and happy,sometimes it happens that we don't understand true meaning of family love but later we understand it very well.Thanks for sharing.

  5. That is so nice and lovely. The pictures show how much you enjoyed Christmas with the family. These are the moments to cherish and surely make your time worthwhile. As for dissertation writing services always choose professional people.



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