Friday, December 30, 2011

2011 Overview

Another year has come and gone! I swear it just goes by faster and faster with age. I feel like I’m going to blink and suddenly realize I’m 75 and wonder where the years went.
This year has had its ups and downs, as I’m sure everyone’s has. But overall, I think it was a lovely year filled with many wonderful things. I thought it'd be nice to do a little overview!

January – I started this blog. My very first one. I can't believe it's been a year already. But I've been loving this whole blogging world and the positives it has brought to my life: making new friends from afar, having a chance to vent, and documenting fun times that I'm sure I would have forgotten otherwise. I hope to see this little bloggy blog grow even more in 2012 (hint hint)! Also, I purchased my very first car on my very own. Having car payments has definitely taught me more about responsibility and being appreciative for my own things, that's for sure.

February – Just a few short weeks after getting said car, it was dented and bruised by an old lady in a blue Hyundai. That didn't make me very happy, which I may or may not have let her know that. Fortunately, her insurance paid for it all...and then some. On to more fun things: I completed the 8 mile Spartan Mud Run! It was definitely a challenge, seeing as I literally never worked out. But I put my mind to it, and I did it!

March – I got to go to Maui with my friend Carly to see our friend Becky. I paddle boarded for the first time and also zoomed around the island on a scooter (which I think about often and am very tempted to buy one of my own). It also happened to be the time of the big tsunami! Also, I had a pretty rough break-up, but it actually turned out to be one of the best things to happen to me. I learned a lot about myself and what I want in a relationship. It also didn't hurt that I lost about 13 pounds.

April – Brother had a birthday and Roomie and I got to go to Las Vegas to help him celebrate!

May – My brother came to visit from Georgia. It's always a treat to see him, since I only get to maybe 2-3x/year! I also house sat for my boss's sweet home for three weeks. It was some fun times, yoga parties included.

June – Becky came to visit from Maui and I went to Orange County to visit. It was a lot of fun, despite me being lobster red.

July – My favorite month of the year! I turned a quarter of a century old, folks. My biggest milestone yet. And so far has proven to be the best year yet. I had a very fun Fourth of July where I met V-Dizzle and we had our first date which was super fun (from what I can remember) and I'm lucky to have been graced with his presence ever since :) I also got to fly to Georgia and have a fun vacation at Blue Ridge Lake as well!

August – My company flew me out to Salt Lake City, Utah for the Outdoor Retailer Trade Show. I was also graced by the City of San Diego with two parking tickets. Thank you, San Diego. Also, I donated blood. Which, I'm pretty sure I vowed to try and do on a more regular basis, and I have to be honest and say I haven't gone since. I'll try to get better at it, I promise! Lastly, I starred in my very first film.

September – This month sparked my love/hate relationship with cooking. I made my first "new" dish and it actually turned out really well! Since then, cooking has become more regular, and I'm actually enjoying it (sort of)! We had the San Diego Blackout which lasted several hours, but unfortunately, not long enough to miss work the next day! I also went through a financial wake-up call and realized I was spending way too much on unnecessary things. So I've been making changes every since! And, I tried Sprinkles Cupcakes for the very first time and it was delish. I haven't allowed myself to go back. Lastly, I got my very first big-wig camera! I'm still learning how to use the thing, but it's definitely opened a big door for me!

October – Roomie and I moved out of Mission Valley and on over to Downtown San Diego! It was something we had always talked about and we finally made it happen. I also went to Las Vegas and got to spend the weekend with my mamma! Vegas is always grand times :) Sarah, Vicki, and I took a pole dancing class as well. Um.. haven't gone back since (hint, hint, ladies!) Lastly, Halloween! I got to go FULL Asian.

November – I had my very first Jury Duty experience!! And it was amazing. I was Alternate Juror #2. Please let me be a professional juror. V-Dizzle and I took a mini road trip up to Julian one Saturday to have lunch and we saw snow! I went to Ricki and Geoff's wedding and basically drooled through the whole thing it was so amazing. V-Dizzle had his Dirty 30. I love birthdays, they're always fun. Of course Thanksgiving happened. I got to have two! I also got to experience midnight shopping on Black Friday for the very first time. I've been forever sucked into that tradition. Also, V-Dizz and I started training for the marathon that's coming up in June 2012! Crazy thing bc I am so far from being a runner.

December – V-Dizzle met Fasha for the very first time! And it went swimmingly :) It sure is nice being with someone that your friends and family like too! I had my company Christmas party at the owner’s beautiful home. I got to finally go to the Zoo after much waited talk (though a little sad to see those poor animals locked up!). I flew to Georgia to see my family and had a great time as always! I also ran my very first 6 mile run! It was both satisfying and exhilarating. Weird, I know. V-Dizzle got me the Diana Mini for Christmas, which I LOVE LOVE LOVE! Oh, and I sang a Korean song at a Korean church. Which was awkward and I never want to do it again.

It seems that each year just keeps getting better and better and something tells me 2012 is no exception. I am excited to see what this next year has in store for me. I think it’s going to be a great one.
I hope you all have an amazing New Year! See you next year! ;)



  1. i like this year in review. i am inspired. also, i love you. :)

  2. Loved the recap of 2011! Miss you so much :(

  3. Thats so cute. All your events of past year, with the pictures. Such a cool idea. This would be so precious to you. Really inspired me too.

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