Friday, December 9, 2011

10 (random) little things...

1. I ate at Red Robin last night and had about 231 french fries. This morning, I woke up
    .08lbs heavier.
          A) I notice these minor details
          B) It was all worth it...those darn fries are what keep me comin' back.
2. I used to hate hate coffee growing up. I thought it was basically the most disgusting thing I've ever
    tasted. As I'm drinking my morning cup right now, I simply can't imagine my life without it...
3. Roomie and I are basically grinches. It's the middle of December. Prime Christmas season. And we have
    not a one seasonal item in our home. Grinches, I tell you!
4. I'm officially done buying presents (V-Dizzle included!). The joys of being at a computer all day long.
    What did we do when online shopping wasn't invented?
5. Last night, I bought a dress for my company holiday party. It was $22.99.
6. The shoes were $118.99.
7. Last night, Roomie and I busted out the wine (with ice cubes), and watched one of our favorite movies:
    Love Actually. It's one of my favorites to watch around the Holiday season. But beware: If you're single,
    it could possibly leave you feeling a bit depressed.
8. Tomorrow, I have to run 5 miles. I have never done 5 straight miles in my entire life. This is kind of
    a big deal for me. Wish me luck.
9. Twelve more days until I fly to Georgia to see my mamma. I am beyond stoked.
10. Every day this week, I have woke (woken?) up late. Today was no exception. Today, I did not have
      time to shower. But today, I'm wearing red lipstick. And I think that makes it okay.

Happy Friday!!



  1. I've been waking up late for the past TWO weeks. and... throwing on the same pair of pants... for 4 days in a row. ha.

  2. Come drink some wine with your mamma and sit in Starbucks and gab. We can watch Scrooged or Christmas Vacation (two of my favorites). *smile*



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