Monday, November 14, 2011

Wedding Bliss

I (along with Roomie) had the privilege of attending, no joke, the best wedding ever.
It was gorgeous.
Everything was perfectly put together,
and the decor, oh the decor!
Melt me.
I never thought I was a sucker for weddings.
But goodness, when the beautiful bride was walking down the aisle,
I couldn't help but have to open my eyes freakishly wide so I wouldn't cry.
I'm sure if anyone saw, it could have been an awkward moment.
Fortunately, all eyes were on Ricki.
I could kick myself for leaving my camera in the hotel room.
Rookie move, Michelle. Rookie move.

So, instead, I'll channel my Facebook stalking skills and post this one for you all.
(Very Sex and the City, yes?)

Roomie and I had a little photobooth fun.
Loved this thing.

I had to get ghetto and scan these suckers in.

Have a wonderful Monday, lovers.


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