Friday, November 18, 2011

{Not quite} An Italian Night

The night had arrived.
It was time to make some homemade pizza and bruschetta.
V-Dizz and I went to Trader Joe's and decided to make it a semi-healthy thing.
So when he asked if I wanted white or wheat dough, I didn't think twice and threw the wheat in the cart.
Bad choice, Mishi. Bad choice.

Somehow I was dubbed the "Pizza Maker."
Though I don't know why, seeing as: me + cooking bread is never a good thing.
See burnt incidences {here} and {here}.

Let me just say:
Making sticky dough try and look like a perfect circle is near impossible.
I don't think it was supposed to look like a third world country.
After much poking, prodding, and nervous glances from V-Dizzle,
I decided to call my pizza base complete.
Looks appetizing, I know.

It was time to add the ingredients for a BBQ Chicken Pizza:
BBQ sauce, mozzarella cheese, onions, chicken, and basil.
Sounds appetizing.
Looks not so appetizing.

Meanwhile, during my pizza disaster, he was happily making the bruschetta.
After much frustration, 2 glasses of wine, and nearly burning myself on the oven,
I look over to see this beautiful masterpiece.
Which tasted even more...mastery.

I asked him if he's ever made bruschetta before.
His response: "Nope, just winging it."
Winging it?
And that's the result?
When I "wung" my pizza, this is what I got:
A semi-burnt on top, semi-raw dough bottom, weird tasting, wheat pizza.

I took one bite and decided bruschetta and wine would be my dinner.
V-Dizzle was sweet and told me it tasted "really" good and proceeded to eat two slices.
He even took the leftovers home {probably to be fed to his dog}.
It's okay V, let's just admit Mish is not the best cook in the world and bread cooking privileges should forever be taken away from her.

Let's go ahead and take one last comparison of bruschetta vs. pizza.
I think it's safe to say bruschetta won this round.

Have a great and amazing weekend, Friends!
If you plan to make a pizza...don't follow my footsteps.



  1. i told you to come get the pizza stone!!! :)

  2. I actually think the pizza looks delicious! I definitely would have eaten it. (Although it's embarrassing to admit that I was derelict in my duty to teach my daughter to cook!)



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