Friday, November 25, 2011

My American/Korean Thanksgiving

Being half Korean half Caucasian, I've been able to experience both cultures growing up.
This Thanksgiving was no exception.

The day started off at my good ol' Uncle Bob's.
Though it was really good to see everyone, not having my Mamma there
made it a bit less fun.
(Everyone says "Hi," Mom, and we missed you!)

After Uncle Bob's, Brother and I headed down to Fasha's house
for some good ol' Korean fun.
And fun did we have.
I was extremely full, but I managed to take a few bites of the Korean BBQ.
Although to be honest with you, Princess Sophia cooked, and I'm not the biggest fan,
so maybe it was a good thing I was as stuffed as I was.
Would you want to eat this?
Yeah...didn't think so.

This is Princess Sophia's granddaughter.
Clearly we can see who's better with babies.

Moving on.
What is the one thing to make ANY Korean gathering complete?
Why, singing of course.
Let's head on over to the music room and see what we can find there, shall we? that Fasha and a microphone at the piano?
Why yes, yes it is.

The next two hours were spent gathered around the piano,
singing this Korean song that Fasha will be "performing"
on Decemeber 18 at his Korean church service.
Please note: I can't speak Korean nor can I read Korean.
So why would Fasha hand me sheet music so I could sing along?
Because that's how he roles.
I had to sound out the Korean words by writing it down in English letters.
Maybe I was convinced to sing with him on this December 18 service.
Look at that face. It was hard to resist.

Even though I was mumbling my way through a bunch of jibberish I didn't understand,
it was really nice being able to be in a room with family and just kick back and do something fun.
Brother really got into it too.

And of course, you must have a little Hello Kitty folder for the finishing touches
to this lovely Asian evening...

Hope everyone had a really good Thanksgiving
doing weird things with your weird families...
I know I did.



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