Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Last night's letters via text message

Dear V Dizz,
Remember when we used to make new dinners every week?
Remember that it's your turn?
I do..
And I'm still waiting.
But maybe you need help deciding what to make.
I have a really good suggestion: Homemade pizza. Like from scratch.
P.S. I miss seeing you on G-Chat

Dear Dear,
I remember those days fondly.
Me in the kitchen, cooking away.
You in close proximity, usually singing or burning a bread of some sort.
Your suggestion of homemade pizza is a grand one,
and I think we should make that happen.
I hope this text finds you well,

Dear Verner,
I'm not sure how I feel about you saying I just stand by and/or burn bread.
I do believe I've made a mean salmon a time or two.
However, I'm willing to let those false accusations go
if you can agree to also make homemade bruschetta with this said pizza.
Hope to hear from you soon,

Dearest Mishi,
I'm not sure how you feel about me saying "you stand by and burn bread" either..
seeing as how that's not what I said, but what you interpreted.
I did, however, mention that I adore you standing by me and singing..
and maybe burning bread as well.
Also, I hear your bruschetta pleas, and that is definitely up for consideration.
But may I interest you in a salad and wine instead?
With all my everything,

My Dearest Dizzle,
It gives me great joy to hear that you adore my singing as it is
one of my favorite things to do.
In regards to your salad and wine suggestion,
I think that is a lovely idea.
Knowing your skills in the kitchen,
I don't doubt we can accomplish all of the above,
including the bruschetta.
And when I say, "we," I really mean you.
Mish Love

Dearest Mish Love,
Oh how I look forward to your letters.
They keep me going in such troubled times.
I read them out loud in a high pitched voice that resembles
your sweet and melodic voice, I do.
If baby boo is adamant about having bruschetta with her pizza and salad,
then so be it.
The mighty Zeus himself couldn't keep bruschetta off this menu.
Longing for you,

My Lovely V-Dizz,
Your promise of bruschetta moves me like that of a magical,
soothing ocean wave.
I thank you from the bottom of my heart for wanting to make this happen.
I will be counting down the hours until I see you again..
P.S. I find these letters of ours sound even better if read
with an English accent.

Oh to have lived back in the "olden days"
where girls in large dresses would sit, staring out the window,
longing for a letter to arrive from her loved one.
{because I'm sure that's all they did}
Oh the simplicity.


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