Thursday, November 10, 2011

I may be Asian...

But I've never liked sushi.
Unless you count California Rolls...but most don't.
I know, I know, it's baffling to me too.
Eating that stuff should be second nature to me, right?
Unfortunately, something about it has always been unappealing.

Last night, I was feeling adventurous.
V-Dizz and I went to Ra Sushi Downtown.

Sushi for dinner?
After a few swigs of sake, I was ready.

I wasn't going to half-ass this sushi experience by getting something simple like a spicy tuna roll.
Oh no.
I was going for the Big Kahuna.
Yes, I said Kahuna.
In other words:
Don't ask me what's in it.
I preferred not knowing and just taking the plunge.

Looks impressive, doesn't it?
V Dizz was certainly impressed enough to take a picture of me eating "my first real sushi roll"
so it could be forever documented.
Let's just say the picture of me stretching my mouth open as wide as it can go so I could fit that monstrosity in, wasn't so flattering.
So I will not be sharing that photo.
Moving on.

I am happy to announce:
I liked it.
A lot, actually.
Well, enough for me to eat 3 pieces at least.
Let's not go too crazy my first night in.
Maybe I can finally be true to my Asian roots and partake in more sushi adventures?
Fasha would be so proud.


1 comment:

  1. the Las Vegas Roll at Ra is heaven! I'm glad that was the one you tried!!! :]



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