Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Happy Birthday, Mamma!

I love you..
I miss you..
I'll see you in 29 days..
But who's counting? (I am. Daily.)
There's NO.WAY. you look the age you are..(You're 47, right??)
You're my best friend..
You're kind..
You're giving..
You're (getting more and more) funny.. (ha)
You're my comfort zone..
You have the Best shoulder to cry on..
You have the Best ear for listening..
You have the Best words of advice..
You're basically the best Mom anyone could ask for.
In other words..

Happy Birthday, Dear Mamma..
Sending many many positive and loving thoughts your way!



  1. You are my greatest supporter! Thank you so much for all the love (and love is truly blind when it comes to you and me). If being loved kept us alive, having yours would make me eternal. Today, as every day, I am so grateful for my children.



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